‘RHOM’ Fans Livid Over Reunion Schedule Change

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RHOM fans are livid over the schedule change for part two of the Season 6 reunion. Part one aired on Wednesday, February 28th in the show’s regular timeslot. Yet, the second part will air at a completely different time on a different day. So, what is going on? Keep reading for more details.

RHOM Fans Livid Over Reunion Schedule Change

This whole season, RHOM has aired on Wednesdays right after RHOBH. Therefore, it was back-to-back drama. Wednesday, February 28th was especially exciting because Bravo aired part one of both franchises’ reunions. Next Wednesday, March 6th, the RHOBH reunion will continue on but the RHOM reunion will not. Instead, there will be an Erika Jayne residency special in its place. So, what does that mean for part two? It will air on Thursday, February 29th at 8 pm EST. Of course, this change of schedule has fans up in arms. They are not happy with what has gone down and for good reason.

Adriana De Moura, Nicole Martin, Lisa Hochstein, Larsa Pippen-YouTube
Adriana De Moura, Nicole Martin, Lisa Hochstein, Larsa Pippen-YouTube

The fans are so frustrated about this change that a Reddit thread has been started to discuss what has transpired. Now, keep in mind that the WGA/SAG-AFTRA strikes are over so many shows have resumed. So, there could be other things they wanted to watch. The OP shared the schedule for this week:

Miami fans- reunion airing Wed AND Thurs this week – don’t miss it!
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Of course, they are not upset about Miami airing twice in one week but it is just the way that the show was bumped for an Erika special. There were also a handful of other complaints from viewers that they expressed, all completely justified:

  • I mean I’m fine with two times of Miami this week but why does Bravo continue to mistreat this production?
  • More Miami in a week is never a bad thing, but the fact that they’re rushing it out the door to accommodate a terrible spin-off about an even worse person is unfathomable.
  • No way I’m watching EJ’s spin off. How dare they bump Miami for Erika?!

Part 3?

If there were any questions about part three of the RHOM reunion, one Redditor shared that there in fact will be. However, it will be delayed:

  • FYI for everyone – the reunion is in 3 parts. Part 3 will be on Thursday, March 7th. They are doing this to make room for the premiere of Erika Jayne’s spinoff show on the 6th. There was a post about this maybe happening a couple of weeks ago.

So, it will be a week from part two, again on a Thursday. Some fans did think it may be better served on Peacock but it did so well there that it made sense to put it back on Bravo. It can still be streamed on Peacock the following day.

Do you think that it is unfair to move the Miami reunion schedule around to accommodate Erika Jayne? Or, are you excited to get two parts in one week? Let us know your thoughts in the comments and don’t miss part two Thursday, February 29th at 8 pm on Bravo.

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