Is ‘The Voice’ Boring Now? Fans Not Impressed

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The latest season of The Voice has just started. Many of the fans of this hit television show are already complaining. Their biggest complaint is the fact The Voice is boring when they compare it to seasons past. Could they be right? Is it boring?

Social Media Lit Up With Complaints

Several different social media platforms lit up with complaints about The Voice. Fans of the show took to their social media and expressed how they were not happy with the current season. They felt is was too boring.

“I’m thinking that #TheVoice has run its course,” one X, formerly known as Twitter, tweeted. “Are there any fun people that audition? Everything is a sob story, and there is far more church talk than anything…. Just boring. Same s**t different half year.”

Other X users agreed with this tweet. They agreed The Voice is not the same show it used to, how it was much better in its past seasons.

Is The Voice “Too Country” Now?

With the addition of both Reba McEntire and Dan + Shay, some fans now believe The Voice is too country. So far, it appears the country side of the show has been garnering most of the attention. Reba McEntire was blocked by Chance the Rapper. McEntire is blocked by Dan + Shay. Dan + Shay blocked Reba McEntire. It appears the country music stars are having the most fun by using their blocks compared to the non-country judges.

“I do like me some country music; but I love me some rock & roll & even some pop,” one viewer of The Voice stated. “#TheVoice is too country this season!”

Based on her previous work on television shows and in movies as well as her experience being the host of several country music award shows, Reba McEntire has proven she has some comedic talent. Perhaps viewers will continue to tune in to see her. It is possible McEntire’s funny side will win them over.

Reba McEntire-YouTube
Reba McEntire-YouTube

Is It Too Early To Say The Voice Is Boring?

The latest season of The Voice just started. There is a lot of time left for the show to pick up the pace and become more exciting. With the new judges being added to this season, it is very possible it could turn into the best season yet.

Fans of The Voice will just have to wait and see. They will need to tune in to each episode on Mondays and Tuesdays night to see how this season will turn out. It airs on NBC. The Voice can also be seen on the streaming services Peacock and Hulu as well as Sling. It can also be viewed on Fubo as well.

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Tell us what you think. Have you found this season of The Voice to be boring? Do you think it might be too early to tell if it will be boring? Do you think it will get more exciting as the season continues? Sound off in the comment section below.

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