Wendy Williams’ Guardian Faces $30 Million Lawsuit

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Wendy Williams’ financial guardian has been accused of robbing a client and is now facing a $30 million lawsuit. The case was opened in 2022, shortly after the firm took charge of Wendy’s finances. Keep reading to learn more about the claims being made against Sabrina Morrissey.

Wendy Williams’ Guardian Involved In Sketchy Business Deals

The U.S. Sun reported that Sabrina Morrissey, along with her firm Morrissey & Morrissey LLP, and around 10 other attorneys were named in the 2022 lawsuit. The court filing accused Morrissey of perpetuating a “baseless guardianship” for Jose Verdugo who won a $5.5 million personal injury claim.

Michael Flomenhaft represented Jose Verdugo in the personal injury suit. Flomenhaft says the problems with Verdugo’s guardianship began in 2009 when he was contacted by a former associate, Herbert Rodriguez. At the time, Rodriguez misrepresented information to Verdugo and his wife about their ability to claim the money from their lawsuit.

He told the couple that the “case could not be finalized unless Verdugo consented to an MHL Article 81 Guardianship that Verdugo did not want or need.” Verdugo, who was in desperate need of the award money, agreed to the guardianship in order to finalize the case.

This is the point where Sabrina Morrissey became involved in the case. Rodriguez allegedly conspired with Morrissey to impose an MHL (Mental Hygiene Law) guardianship over Verdugo.

Wendy Williams - YouTube, Lifetime

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“Under the guise of protecting and vindicating Verdugo, they jointly pursued a dual litigation strategy aimed at, getting rid of Flomenhaft, reaping Morrissey & Morrissy substantial court-awarded fees as Guardian counsel through litigation: maligning Flomenhaft legally and ethically,” the suit reads.

It also alleges that several other court-appointed officials assisted in the scheme to keep Verdugo away from his money. His initial award was $2.47 million after fees, expenses, and liens. The defendants, which include Wendy Williams’ guardian, allegedly pursued litigation without Verdugo’s consent, spending another $1.1 million of his award.

The case also alleges that doctors’ records show that he had the mental capacity to handle his own finances for more than a decade. However, the guardians and attorneys did everything they could to keep the conservatorship going for their own financial gain.

Is Wendy Williams A Victim Of Unwanted Guardianship?

According to Wendy Williams’ family, they have had little to no say in the former daytime talk show host’s guardianship. In fact, they have been blocked from having contact with Wendy unless she initiates the conversation. Despite their attempts, they have also had trouble communicating with Sabrina Morrissey throughout the span of the guardianship.

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Image: YouTube/Lifetime

Wells Fargo filed a petition to hold a guardianship hearing for Wendy Williams in early 2022. Her former financial advisor informed Wells Fargo that she was of “unsound mind.”

The bank had the authority to “pause or reject instructions for a proposed transaction, pending judicial or administrative remedies, should they suspect financial exploitation, dementia, or undue influence.” She was placed under financial guardianship with Sabrina Morrissey.

In the Lifetime documentary Where Is Wendy Williams? several family members hint at something being wrong with the guardianship. At this time, there is no evidence of wrongdoing where Wendy is concerned.

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