‘Bachelor’ Joey Graziadei’s Shocking Unprecedented Finale Revealed

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Bachelor Joey Graziadei’s season finale has been teased by ABC since the premiere. Everyone including host Jesse Palmer and Joey has said that what is to come has never happened before on the show. Even Reality Steve had no idea what the ending was until last week. Now, he is sharing what he finally knows. What is this big unprecedented event that happens? Keep reading to find out more. Warning! Spoilers ahead.

Joey Graziadei’s Shocking Ending Revealed

Bachelor Joey Graziadei has teased the ending to his season and said it has never happened before. As it turns out, he is telling the truth. Reality Steve confirmed that what will go down in the finale has really never happened before.

He found out last week what the ending was but he was waiting for more details to emerge before revealing it to fans. He shared last week that what happens is definitely not a ten but also not a one. It was somewhere in the middle as far as importance. Now, Steve finally has the final ingredients and revealed the unprecedented ending in his blog on Tuesday morning.

Two major things came out this morning in his blog. The first is that he was wrong about who Joey is engaged to. The second is what that mystery ending is.

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According to Steve, after Daisy Kent has her final date with Joey, she realizes he is in love with Kelsey Anderson. Fans know that during that last week, they kept the final two women apart and they never see each other, until now.

Daisy will reportedly go to Kelsey’s room and tell her that she knows she is not the one for Joey. She tells her that it’s Kelsey he wants to be with. She revealed that she planned on telling him the next day.

So, it seems that when Daisy arrives at the final rose ceremony she tells him that she already knows it’s not her he wants to get engaged to. Steve is not sure of the specifics of what is said but the overall outcome is Joey is with Kelsey.

The Previews Were Right

Joey Graziadei is no doubt going to be taken back when Daisy approaches him and basically says I know it’s not me. He will become emotional as seen in the previews when Daisy leaves.

Of course, after having his breakdown, Joey will gather himself and wait for Kelsey to arrive. He will profess his love to her and propose. The two are still engaged today.

What do you think of Daisy going to see Kelsey before the ceremony? Are you shocked?

Stay tuned for more updates.

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  1. Why do they let you reveal the ending?!? I know you say its a spoiler alert, but come on people are more curious then to read what happens!!

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