Why Fans Think Maria Georgas Chooses To Self-Eliminate

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Does Maria Georgas choose to self-eliminate from Season 28 of The Bachelor? Keep reading to find out why fans are speculating on her fate.

Note: This article discusses spoilers for Season 28.

Maria Georgas & Joey Graziadei Connect On Solo Date

Joey Graziadei has narrowed his choices down from 32 women to just six. His connection grows with each remaining woman, particularly those who are lucky enough to get the coveted one-on-one date.

Fans are divided over contestant Maria Georgas, but she was the recipient of the “Pretty Woman” date in the latest episode. She previously went on a very awkward two-on-one date that ended in Sydney Gordan’s elimination.

For her solo date with Joey in Montreal, Canada, Maria got to try on designer dresses ala Julia Roberts in the 1990 flick Pretty Woman, take a helicopter ride, and get serenaded by Canadian folk singer Feist.

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Joey Graziadei and Maria Georgas/Credit: ABC YouTube

After their solo date, Joey confessed, “I can see a future with Maria.” So, why are fans speculating that Maria’s connection to The Bachelor isn’t strong enough to last much longer?

Why Fans Think Maria Georgas Chooses To Self-Eliminate

A snapshot from social media of an awkward interaction between Joey and Maria is the source of the rumor. It was posted on Reddit, and the OP explained the context of the photo. They wrote, “There’s a preview on bachelor nation’s instagram where Joey asks her “so is this it?” And she answers “I think so””

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Credit: Reddit

Bachelor Nations fans took to the comments to debate Maria’s fate on the show.

  • Do you know edits? Wouldn’t worry about that lol
  • I don’t think she would leave on her own unless he tells her he doesn’t see a connection.
  • I don’t think so

One fan dropped a spoiler to prove that Maria didn’t send herself home. “She makes it to hometowns babe. so, no she doesn’t,” they wrote.

However, another fan reminded them that it’s not out of the realm of possibility to self-eliminate after hometowns. “It’s still possible for her to self eliminate on her hometown if she expresses feelings and doesn’t get the feedback she was hoping for and Joey tells her he has feelings for other girls too. That’s what happened with Greg and Katie,” they replied.

Maria Georgas’ fate isn’t the only one fans are questioning. New photos have put Reality Steve’s original final winner spoiler into question.

How do you think Maria Georgas leaves the show? Or could she make it all the way to the end as Joey’s final rose winner? Sound off in the comments.

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