Maria Georgas Wore $3K Dress On Date With Joey Graziadei

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Maria Georgas is one of the standout contestants on The Bachelor partly because of her wardrobe choices. She certainly knows how to get Joey Graziadei’s attention. Earlier in the season, she changed clothes from a fancy cocktail gown into a revealing scantily clad look.

The Canadian native recently wore a $3k dress on a date with Joey. Did the pricey outfit help her nab a rose? Keep reading for all the details on the stunning dress.

How Much Do Bachelor Contestants Spend On Clothes?

Female contestants on The Bachelor could potentially attend 14 rose ceremonies and need a fancy dress for each one. Plus, they need everyday clothes to wear on dates and around the Bachelor mansion.

But the show doesn’t pay for the outfits. The contestants have to pay out of pocket and it can get expensive. Season 13 Bachelor contestant Jillian Harris revealed on her blog that she re-mortgaged her home and spent $8k on clothes for the show. And that was in 2009!

Susie Evans recently revealed that she was able to stay out of the debt because she already had some nice outfits from her pageant days. However, she still ended up spending $1,500 on clothing for Season 26 of The Bachelor.

Maria Georgas’ introduction package for Season 28 hinted at a wealthy upbringing. Her father is a successful businessman and president of Jubilee Candy Corp.

Viewers got a glimpse at the family’s massive estate during a video package introducing some of the 32 women vying for Joey Graziadei’s heart.

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Maria Georgas/Credit: ABC YouTube

Maria Georgas’ $3K Yellow Dress

Maria Georgas has a truly shocking net worth for her young age. So, it’s no surprise that she can afford pricey outfits for her foray into reality TV.

Before the recent episode, Maria Georgas hadn’t had a proper one-on-one date with Joey. Instead, she was pitted against Sydney Gordon on a two-on-one date that would send one of them home.

If she had to go home, she might as well look her best, right? That could have been what Maria was thinking when she put on the $3k yellow dress.

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Sydney Gordon, Joey Graziadei, and Maria Georgas/Credit: ABC YouTube

According to The Mirror, the knit sweater dress is called The Maya Dress and is from Dodo Bar Or. Its original price tag was a hefty $3,025. The stunning dress was marked down to just $255, but it’s sold out.

Joey sent Sydney packing and gave Maria a rose. Did the stunning yellow dress give her an advantage over her rival?

What do you think about Maria Georgas’ $3k dress? Sound off in the comments.

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