People Believe ‘Sister Wives’ Meri Brown Is Scamming Fans

Meri Brown, Sister Wives

After Sister Wives star, Meri Brown, posted her new business and prices, people are questioning its value. Some believe Meri is scamming people with the outlandish price point she has chosen.

Meri Brown Kicks Off New Business

While Sister Wives Meri Brown has been working on and teasing her new business for months, fans were still surprised about the price once it was released. Notably, Meri started to expand her business ventures after the split with Kody Brown was finalized in December 2022. She has been dropping hints of a community for healing. Undeniably, she has been through a great deal of trauma over the years and has direct experience with working through the damage. When the official website for Worthy Up became available, fans were excited to see what the buzz was about. While it centralizes on the topic of wellness and offers fans membership involvement in the community, it is still unclear what is in the membership. Additionally, many fans were suddenly disappointed when they saw the price.

Sticker Shock

Within Meri Brown’s Worthy Up website it says, “Whether you’re enriching your knowledge or experiencing personal growth, Worthy Up is your safe space to embrace community, celebration, and support on your journey to self-discovery.” On one page fans learned that for a $99 introductory price, they will get two exclusive videos per month, a live Q&A session, access to special deals, and a members-only mug. Undoubtedly, the sticker shock was real for viewers. Additionally, another place indicates the $99 deal is only for a short time. Later, the price will increase to $149 for a “limited” lifetime membership.

  • One fan was quick to notice the price increase mentions “limited.’ They say, “Yeah like what the heck is a ‘limited lifetime membership’?”
  • “She has a P.R. person thinking up ways she can get paid by doing the least amount of actual work. ‘Immerse yourself in Meri’s insights and wisdom…’ ah WTF does that even mean?”

Meri’s “Worthy Up” Business
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Fans Believe Meri Brown Is Scamming Fans

But some people believe Sister Wives Meri Brown is scamming her fans. On Reddit, many criticize Meri’s new business and price point.

  • Bless it. She should’ve written a book. This is so scammy.”
  • “Does she have some kind of degree or certificate in psychology or experience in mentoring people other than her Sister Wives and kids? It’s a BS money-making scheme just like those stupid 2-minute videos they make for $150 for people.”
  • “These people live off multi-level marketing type cr*p. Get a real f*cking job.”
  • “Still trying to figure out what I’m ’getting’ for 99 bucks (to be $149 soon).”
  • “So she wants us to pay to be her friend and get cheesy advice? Now that’s a life coach fake if I ever saw one.”
  • “I wouldn’t have guessed Meri would be the one to start her own cult.”


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Meri Brown Gets Push Back For All Her Prices

Not only are Sister Wives fans critical of the Worthy Up business, but they are also in shock about the exorbitant price of Meri’s bed and breakfast. Likewise, her clothing brand, LuLaRoe also gets flack for making cheap materials in comparison to the price. After visiting Meri’s B&B website, fans saw a “Supreme” stay will cost $4,000 and an “Elite Plus” runs $6,000.

  • “Six. THOUSAND?!!! DOLLARS??!! What on earth could that include?! I’m genuinely curious.”
  • “Most of the usa is struggling putting food on the table and buying medicine and getting medical help and u charge this amount?? i use to support u but nah.”
  • “That’s a lot of money for 3 days in Utah? and not much is included.”
  • “Just like her LuLaRoe ‘business’. The others are not better with their Plexus either.”


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What do you think? Will you be investing in Meri Brown’s new business? Do you agree with her business practices? Are you hoping to see more Sister Wives in the future? Drop your comments below.

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