Christine Brown Called Out For Insane New Business Charges

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Christine Brown has been called out by fans for her insane new business charges. The Sister Wives star just opened an Airbnb in Moab, Utah and people are ready to book up. Unfortunately, when some saw the prices, they were taken aback. Read on for more details.

Christine Brown Called Out For Insane New Business Charges

She has evolved so much since viewers met her in 2010. Christine Brown was initially the happy little homemaker of the plural family. Now, she has become an amazing businesswoman with her hand in multiple pots. She is involved in MLMs and was able to leave Flagstaff as well as polygamy and move to Utah where she met her now-husband, David Woolley. They recently announced that they were opening an Airbnb in Moab, Utah and fans went crazy. They could not wait to book a night there and experience all that it had to offer. Unfortunately, the prices have steered some away.

David Woolley, Christine Brown-YouTube
David Woolley, Christine Brown-YouTube

A Reddit thread was started to discuss pricing and it does not bode well for business at all. The OP wrote this:

    • I just looked up prices for Christine’s air BnB for a two night stay in May. I’m sorry but she’s just as insane as Meri for thinking she is renting some resort style property. The Two night stay in her “retreat” would have cost $931 plus $140 cleaning fee plus $151 air bnb fee. That’s $1222 BEFORE. Taxes. And you still have to cook your own food and clean.


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Now, the Airbnb does have three bedrooms, four beds, and two and a half bathrooms. It is billed to sleep eight so the idea is to share it with others. So, what did fellow Redditors think of the price?

  • You don’t book an AirBnB that sleeps 8 people if you only have two people though.
  • I agree that I personally think it’s an insane waste of money and wouldn’t pay it, but if people are booking at that price, that’s their own fault.
  • She will learn like meri did.


There is a washer and dryer in Christine Brown and David Woolley’s Airbnb as well as a full kitchen and living room. A few people noted this about the space:

  • It looks like she has smart pricing turned on, where Airbnb uses its algorithm to automatically adjust rates based on demand. Some dates are as low as $144 per night and some are as high as $400.
  • Christine’s pricing is in line with all the other Airbnbs in Moab (cheaper than some that are comparable) so if that’s the going rate for the area why would she go low and lose money?

Now, as far as comparing it to her former sister wife, Meri Brown, that was for a few-day retreat at her Utah B&B. That was for one room and cost around 6K so this is apples and oranges. If there is a large group and they are headed to Moab and want a taste of Sister Wives fame, this may not be so bad.

Do you think Christine is overcharging or is she just testing the waters? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. AirBNB sucks. Staying in some random person’s home, using their crap. I’m not cleaning up your house before I leave.
    Hotels have washers and dryers too. They also

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