Could Reality Steve Be Wrong About ‘Bachelor’ Joey’s Winner?

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Could Reality Steve be wrong about Bachelor Joey Graziadei’s winner? New evidence is being circulated that has fans wondering if his original spoiler is not right. Keep reading to get the scoop and find out what Steve is saying about it all. Warning!! Spoilers ahead!

Is Reality Steve Wrong About Bachelor Ending?

Reality Steve has remained adamant that he has revealed the winner of Joey Graziadei’s season of The Bachelor. However, a Reddit user has many fans questioning if Steve has it right.

Steve has said for months that Daisy Kent is Joey’s final rose winner. He has remained confident that Joey is engaged to her. However, sleuthing fans have managed to find details that they believe prove otherwise.

Some have said that during the times Joey was having a happy couple weekend Daisy was seen with friends in another state on social media. Now, there is photo proof that perhaps Daisy really isn’t the final one.

The Reddit user shared photos from TikToks posted by both Joey and Kelsey Anderson. They took these TikToks and compared the scenery to a house that has been used for shv or safe house visit in the past. Photos don’t lie and they seem to be leaning toward proving Reality Steve wrong.

Bachelor Joey Grazaidei - YouTube, Bachelor Nation

What Is Steve Saying About The Photos?

Reality Steve has addressed these photos and his thoughts on them. He told fans today that he is very aware of the photos and this is the first time ever that someone has come to him with actual hard proof.

While he didn’t admit anything about being wrong, he did say he is looking into it.

The Bachelor has been teasing that something that has never happened before will occur at the end of the season. Nobody has figured out exactly what will happen. However, Steve shared that he finally found out part of what happened but still has questions. He also said in light of these photos that they don’t really fit the narrative he’s been giving.

Joey Graziadei via YouTube 27

So, everyone is as confused as ever. Steve has assured fans that as soon as he knows what is really going on he will share. Bachelornationscoop on Instagram put together a collage of the photos and shared it.

What do you think about this revelation? Is Steve wrong and Kelsey Anderson really is the final rose winner?

Stay tuned for more updates and spoilers.

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  1. I have no clue who he picks but two things stand out in my mind and one is that Bachelor on FB has been blowing up photos of Daisy every single day. It made me suspicious because the spoilers say he chooses Daisy, which makes me think, it is not her. They usually do not shove the winner down our throats so much. Usually we hear from Reality Steve and it is all hush hush until the winner is picked. The second thing is that I do not see much chemistry between Joey and Daisy. I know he likes her and she is a sweet girl but do not see anything special between them. I won’t be surprised of it is not Daisy!

  2. Daisy is a social media darling who is self promoting her non profit and book. Enough about the hearing loss. Not enough substance. Not there for him. Don’t let blonde good girl looks fool you.

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