‘Bachelor’ Joey Graziadei Defends His Ladies After Rude Comment

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Bachelor Joey Graziadei is defending the ladies on his show after an internet troll decided to make a rude comment. Joey is getting tons of love from everyone for his caring nature and support of the women on his season. Many are deeming him the best Bachelor of all time. Now his latest good deed has fans swooning even more. What did he say? Keep reading to find out more.

Bachelor Joey Graziadei Defends His Ladies

Bachelor Joey Graziadei defends his ladies after a person decided to make a rude comment. The official Bachelor Instagram shared a clip from Kelsey Anderson’s date when she told him about her mother passing away. The caption read, “The vulnerability this season is awe inspiring. 💛” They also reminded fans in the comment section to be kind.

However, one fan did not do that. They said, “By “vulnerability” I assume you’re referring to who can share the hardest sob story.” Joey clapped back at the comment. He said, “Let’s keep it kind in this comment thread. It takes a lot of courage for these women to share moments of their past that has shaped them.”

Kelsey had a lot of support on the post from other fans, fellow contestants, and Bachelor alums. Kelsey’s aunt also commented on the post saying, “So very proud of my niece! I know it was difficult to talk about her Mama. I was crying the entire time. 🦢 🦋”

Of course, many praised Joey for standing up for the ladies and speaking his mind. Many are also saying he’s the best lead of all time. Reality Steve even says Joey is in the top three Bachelors. 

Jesse and Joey via Insta

Heading into Week 7

Monday night fans saw Joey eliminate four women bringing him down to only six remaining. Next Monday night, these six will remain in Canada and Joey will make the decision on who will get hometown dates. So, he will go from six to four.

He feels the journey is working for him and he’s falling for some of these ladies. Fans will see who he chooses in the end to give his final rose to on March 25.

This is when the big finale will air and answer everyone’s questions. Joey has teased that his ending involves something unprecedented and fans are eager to know what it could possibly be.

What do you think of Joey standing up for the ladies? Do you have any idea what his ending could be?

Stay tuned for more updates.

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