‘The Little Couple’ Will Klein Goes To China Town For Birthday

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Will Klein is nothing like he was when TLC fans saw him on The Little Couple. The cutest little person adopted from China is a strapping young adult now, and he celebrated his Chinese culture in New York City this week.

Will Klein Visited New York City

Last year, when Will turned 13, his mom and dad took him to New York City. Photos on social media showed them all going out for dinner. Plus, his sister Zoey went shopping for gifts. The family all enjoyed their time and made some good memories. Mind you, when his dad, Bill Klein had spinal issues last year, his trips to the Big Apple were not so enjoyable.

Will Klein's Birthday In New York In 2023 - Jen Arnold
Will Klein’s Birthday In New York In 2023 – Jen Arnold Instagram

Will Klein is growing up very fast. After he started his own social media account, he ran into trouble with his mom for inappropriate content on TikTok. But, the former TLC star chided him and talked about responsibility., IT seems that he’s old enough and mature enough to behave a bit better. And, he’s been forgiven, because the family all look happy in more recent posts.

The Little Couple  Will Klein At Chinatown

On February 19, Dr. Jen Arnold took to her Instagram and shared some photos in a slide show of the family in New York City. The Little Couple alum showed the streets of Chinatown. One picture showed Will next to his dad, and he seems taller now. In the caption, it sounded as if the TLC alums all had a wonderful time.

Celebrating Will’s Birthday in NYC #littlecouple @reallybillklein @willklein63

The Little Couple Star's First Night In Chinatown - Jen Arnold Instagram
The Little Couple Star’s First Night In Chinatown – Jen Arnold Instagram

Will Klein is popular with The Little Couple fans. So, many of them sent in their congratulations in the comments section. Additionally, some of them commented on how fortunate he is that he ended up with a wonderful family.

  • Just love you guys miss your show!!!❤❤❤ Happy birthday Will!! Watched you brought to this beautiful family!! You all are so amazing!!
  • These kids literally hit the jackpot. You and Bill are able to show your kids the world. You guys are awesome, and I really hope there is an update show special to see what your lives are now.
  • Happy Birthday Will. Go to Wo Hop when there. Best restaurant in China Town. Been since 1938. Have fun. Kung Hei Fat Choi.
  • Happy Birthday Will! Hope you have a wonderful time in NYC Chinatown celebrating with your beautiful family! ❤️❤️🥳🎂🎁🎈🎈🎈🎈🎉🎊

What are your thoughts about Will Klein turning 14? Are you glad that NYC had some cultural entertainment in Chinatown for him to enjoy? Shout out in the comments below, and come back here for all your news about the family from The Little Couple formerly on TLC.

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