Jen Arnold Issues Statement On Will Klein’s Inappropriate Activity

Jen Arnold Instagram

The Little Couple star Jen Arnold has issued a statement on Will Klein’s inappropriate activity. His recent social media post certainly caught fans’ attention and he received many concerned comments. Now, his mom is clearing things up and sharing her thoughts on the situation. Keep reading to find out what happened and how Jen responded.

The Little Couple fans are shocked by Will Klein’s inappropriate activity.

As we reported, Will’s recent TikTok and Instagram video caught fans’ attention. He hopped on a viral trend and performed a little dance like many kids his age. However, in the background of the video, fans noticed that the song he used contained explicit language. In the comments section of his posts, fans called him out and questioned whether his parents kept an eye on him online.

The video has since been deleted, and his mom, Jen Arnold, has something to say.

Jen Arnold issues a statement on her son’s latest post.

On Instagram on Friday, Jen shared a four-minute video explaining what had happened with Will’s post. The mother of two explained the situation, pointing out that Will had selected a popular song on social media.

Originally, when she watched the video, Jen had her audio muted, as she typically does when she watches videos. Then, she read the comments and discovered that there was inappropriate language in the song used. She said Will knows these are “bad” words but that he doesn’t recognize the “implications” of the language.

Jen Arnold Instagram
Jen Arnold Instagram

Upon realizing what had happened, Jen Arnold and Bill Klein sat down with their 13-year-old son to talk about the mistake. Jen wrote:

“We discussed with him, agreed to make better decisions because his social media is viewed more and that means he has a greater responsibility if he would like to use it. I hope you all will give Will some grace on this as he is like so many kids out there, new to social media and still learning.”

Also in her video, the mom of two talked about the difficulties of raising kids with social media. She allowed Will on Instagram and TikTok because she thought he was ready. She also wanted to help him get started online so she could support him, especially as things like this come up. Otherwise, he might have joined social media on his own and she wouldn’t be able to help him out along the way.

Living their lives in the public eye further complicates things, the mom of two added. Below, you can see Jen Arnold’s full explanation of Will Klein’s latest video.


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The Little Couple fans applaud Jen Arnold’s parenting choices.

In the comments section of Jen’s post, her followers are applauding her for the way she and Bill handled this incident. One fan encouraged Jen and said, “Will is like any other kid his age. I’m so glad that your kids seem to be well rounded.” Plenty of others agreed with her statement and can relate to the challenges of social media.

So, what do you think of Jen Arnold‘s statement on her son Will Klein’s inappropriate activity? Did you notice the explicit language in the video Will had shared? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about The Little Couple stars.

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