Katie Thurston Updates Fans, Shares Details On Latest Date

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Bachelorette Katie Thurston went to social media to share an update on her life. She recently made a big life change and packed up her life in San Diego to move to Los Angeles. So, she’s giving fans an update on her life there and also sharing details about a recent date she went on. What did she have to say? Keep reading to find out more.

Katie Thurston Updates Fans On Life Lately

Former Bachelorette Katie Thurston went to Instagram to answer fan questions about how her life has been lately. Many fans wanted to know how her move was from San Diego to Los Angeles. Katie shared that she loves LA and feels this is where she is supposed to be. She moved to West Hollywood with her cat Tommy.

She said, “I am excited about being around so many creatives and like-minded energy. L.A. is where I’m supposed to be.”

Aside from moving to West Hollywood, Katie was asked about her dating life. Back on New Year’s Eve, Katie was in Florida to celebrate and teased about kissing a man at midnight. She never revealed his face or name. In one video she shared they were sitting by a firepit and he had his hand on her leg.

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Now, it seems as if that relationship may have been brief and possibly already over. She noted she was on a date recently and it was really nice. Katie said, “I recently went on a date where we just talked on the beach and people watched. No alcohol to cloud judgment. It was really nice.”

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She Has Big Goals For 2024

Katie Thurston also shared how 2024 has been going. Plus, she has learned a few things to start out the new year. She said, “I’ve learned to take 90 days to learn who someone really is. Learn about healthy guilt versus unhealthy guilt. And jump and figure it out on the way down.”

This sounds like another indication that perhaps her New Year’s romance ended.

Katie also shared that she has been working on writing a television show with two other people. Their hope is to sell their idea. In the meantime, Katie is doing some comedy shows around the country. One of the first will be in Oklahoma.

Credit: Katie Thurston Instagram
Credit: Katie Thurston Instagram

What do you think about Katie’s life update? Is it surprising Katie is single?

Stay tuned for more updates.

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