Is Jess Edwards Faking Her Accent On ‘The Bachelor’?

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Jess Edwards is on this season of The Bachelor. She is not a fan favorite as viewers think she is becoming a mean girl on the show. Jess has a very Southern accent. However, she could be faking it and putting on a front for the show. This season however has easily become one of the most viewed seasons of the show. There is drama, romance, and everything in between.

This Season And Its Troubles

In this week’s episode, Joey is seen breaking down on camera. He admits he is nervous he will pick the wrong woman or that they won’t accept him for who he truly is. The last time he opened up with someone was Charity Lawson. She ended up picking Dotun Olubeko and left Joey heartbroken. He revealed that he is nervous to let multiple people in knowing it won’t work with some of them. There has been a fair share of drama this season as well. Sydney, Maria, and Madina were all involved in drama and two of them ended up going home. Maria stayed and now there could be two more mean girls coming after her. Jess and Lea were not on the fan’s good side when they started going at Maria.


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Jess Edwards Faking Her Accent

Edwards is originally from Tennessee and her accent is strong. She does not live there anymore though, and fans are confused on why her accent is still as strong as it is. However, fans went to Reditt to share how they think she is faking it.

  •  “I don’t recognize the cadence. I live in low country now and I’m from Texas, I have also lived in Arkansas. It could maybe be a Tennessee accent?? Maybe Alabama? But I’ve lived all over the south and all I kept saying was where is she from? Cause it’s not a twang I recognize.”
  • “As a girlie from rural TN, I lost the majority of my accent when I moved to a different state. I dont know her specific situation, but I can confirm that when I’ve been drinking, I sound like I never left.”
  • “Most people already lose major motion control of their tongue when drinking. Those of us who have/have had a country accent already drawl their speech. Add alcohol, everything’s longer, slurred, and exaggerated.”
  • “So I think it’s possible Jess’s producer is southern and brings out the twang. Or she gets drunk and brings back the twang, but I don’t think there is anything fake about it.”


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While this season is not over yet, fans already know who they want to win. Joey is struggling with who he is going to pick and is scared whoever he picks won’t work with him. However, viewers are certain his wife is there. It is unknown if Jess is truly faking her accent or if it is real. What do you think? Sound off in the comments below.

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