‘Bachelor’: Jenn Tran Vs Daisy Kent: Who Wore It Better?

A collage of two woman. The first woman has long brown hair and the second one has blonde hair.

When contestants pack for The Bachelor, they have no way of knowing what anyone else plans to wear. Two or more women showing up in the same dress is more common than you’d think. Amid talk of Maria Georgas’ pricey dress, Jenn Tran and Daisy Kent react to twinning in the same green dress. Keep reading for their hilarious reaction. Plus, who do fans think wore the outfit the best?

Jenn Tran Shows Off Surgery Skills

Jenn Tran is more than just a young woman looking for her future husband. The Bachelor contestant dreams of a career helping others. The Miami resident is studying to be a physician assistant.

Ahead of Monday’s episode of the reality show, she showed off her surgical skills so far in her studies. Jenn posted a video on her Instagram that showed her ability to multi-task.

“POV: It’s Bachelor Monday but you’re scrubbing into surgery tomorrow,” she wrote on the video. At one point, her black kitten came to investigate and lend a paw if needed.


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Jenn Tran & Daisy Kent Wear Identical Dresses

Wearing the same dress as someone else is one of the biggest fashion faux pas you can commit. However, the Bachelor ladies saw the humor in the situation.

Daisy shared a video on her Instagram addressing the dress snafu. The two lip-synced to an audio clip while flaunting their matching green dresses.

Who Wore It Best: Bachelor Nation Chooses

Jenn and Daisy’s dresses aren’t completely identical in design, though the color is remarkably similar. Which of the ‘dress twins’ rocked the green dress? Bachelor Nation fans took to Reddit to share their thoughts:

  • Jenn ateee
  • This is so cringe
  • Jenn ate and left no crumbs
  • Jenn easily
  • I prefer the top of Jenn’s! Daisy looks pretty but it’s more prom like
  • Miss Jenn slaying per usual
  • That dress looks amazing on Jenn
  • I love that colour on Jenn the most!
  • I think the color suits Jenn better. But they both look great!
  • Jenn 100%!!! I loved the bodice of her dress; it fit her so well. I hated Daisy’s dress & matching gloves. It looked very dated, mid-Western small town prom.
  • Weirdly enough i think they would look better if they swapped dresses

Jenn Tran is the clear “Who Wore It Best” winner. Do you agree with Reddit’s choice? Share your vote in the comments.

Let us know if you’ve ever accidentally shown up to an event wearing the same dress as someone else.

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