‘Sister Wives’ Meri Brown & Amos Andrews Over?

Meri Brown, Sister Wives

While Sister Wives fans were extremely excited to meet Meri Brown’s new beau, Amos Andrews, now their relationship is seemingly struggling. But not only that, fans believe the relationship may have already run its course. Although she proudly introduced him to the world in January, it has been weeks since anyone has seen Amos.

Fans Wonder About Amos

On Reddit, a Sister Wives fan struck up a conversation about Meri Brown and her boyfriend, Amos Andrews. In particular, the fan asks, “Is Meri still with Amos?” Then they added how quiet Sister Wives fans have been lately. Saying, “Things on juicy gossip and tidbits seems quiet on all SW subs.” But they add, one exception, “(Exception of Christine & David’s new AirBnB).” Additionally, the user focuses on the main discussion. They ask, “Wondering if Meri is still with Amos, especially the media trashed him, and if there is any gold nuggets about the family recently?”

Is Meri still with Amos?
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Fans Give The Scoop On Meri Brown And Amos Andrews

After the initial question was posed about Meri Brown, other Sister Wives fans talked about what they knew about the matter.

  • “From her latest stories, it looks like they have parted ways it said something like looking at the good and the bad, the happy and the sad, the gain in your pain and what makes oyu grateful not hateful.. maybe they will just stay friends.”
  • “Oh no! I hope she was referring to something else.”
  • Referring to Meri and Jenn’s Fridays With Friends livestream one fan adds, “As of this past Friday they were still together.”
  • “Aww good.”
  • “Knowing how quickly his past was exposed, whether or not it’s true, I think they’re probably lying low right now. He probably didn’t expect the exposure he would get by going public.”
Meri Brown From Sister Wives, TLC, Sourced From @therealmeribrown Instagram
Meri Brown adds a cryptic message. – Instagram

Meri Brown Mentions Amos Andrews On Friday With Friends

Although fans picked up on a cryptic message that Meri Brown posted on her Instagram Stories, perhaps no news is good news. While she made the post on Valentine’s Day, she didn’t give her reason for the message. Undoubtedly, a day surrounded by the theme of “Love” might still sting a little for the former sister wife after ending the marriage with Kody Brown.


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During the Fridays With Friends segment, Meri mentioned that they think they might have scared Amos off from the livestream. But she mentions him multiple times without any segway into a breakup discussion. Within the live stream, they were searching for a four-letter word to base the next episode on and she seems excited when she refers to Amos. Likewise, she says she will need to tell him that “Amos” is a four-letter word. While some are theorizing that the relationship is over, so far there is no confirmation that this is the case. However, he has been relatively quiet for several weeks and that makes many speculate there may be something brewing.

Do you think Meri Brown and Amos Andrews are doing okay? Is Amos laying low after the media hit him hard? Do you think Meri’s message was about Amos or Kody? Are you hoping to see more Sister Wives episodes? Drop your comments below.

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