‘Sister Wives’ Robyn Brown’s Plan To Embarrass Janelle Backfires

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Recently, Sister Wives fans revisited a scene from early in the combined Brown family history. Notably, it appears Robyn Brown makes a “mistake” that fans believe was intentional to embarrass Janelle Brown in front of their husband, Kody Brown. But as fans watch the cameras roll, Janelle takes it in stride and Robyn’s plan is foiled.

Robyn Brown Mistakenly Buys The Wrong Size For Janelle Brown

Within Sister Wives Season 6, Janelle Brown involved the family in running a 5K. While preparing for the event, the decision to wear a matching shirt was made. Each of the participants had a shirt with the same print but different colors. However, on race day, Kody and Robyn Brown get to the house to reveal that Robyn bought Janelle an X-large shirt. When Janelle started her weight loss journey she admits she wore size 4X. Meanwhile, Robyn says she is worried she bought the wrong size. Although Janelle doesn’t think it will fit, she makes the effort to try it on so they will look like a team at the race. Much to everyone’s surprise, she squeezes into the smaller size and can use it for the event.

Robyn, Christine, Mykelti Brown participating in the 5K. - Sister Wives
Christine, Robyn, and Mykelti Brown participating in the 5K. – Sister Wives

Fans Revisit A Scene From The Past

On a Reddit post, one Sister Wives fan brings up a situation from a past episode to discuss. First, the user captions, “Robyn’s Plot to Embarrass Janelle Backfired.” Then they post multiple photos of Kody Brown looking at Janelle Brown in a snug shirt. Additionally, they overlay the pictures with text saying, “The thirst was real.”

Robyn’s Plot to Embarrass Janelle Backfired
byu/Diredragons inSisterWives

Sister Wives Fans Discuss Kody’s Reaction After Robyn Brown’s Mistake

When the initial Sister Wives fan posts photos of Janelle Brown showing the snug-fitting shirt, fans see that things didn’t go as Robyn Brown planned. During discussions, they point to Robyn purposely ordering the wrong size to embarrass Janelle in front of Kody Brown. However, the screenshots reveal Kody was nearly salivating at the sight of his wife in a shirt accentuating her figure. Other fans chime in about Robyn’s plans falling flat.

  • “His harmones are jumping!”
  • “God, someone get him a drool Bib!”
  • “That man is PANTING, my goodness. The shirt certainly highlights Janelle’s figure!”
  • “Looks like he’s actually licking his lips, lol!”
  • “I think he’s a boob guy.” To which someone replies, “His eyes do seem focused there.”
Kody Brown reacts to Janelle Brown's new shirt. - Sister Wives
Kody Brown reacts to Janelle Brown’s new shirt. – Sister Wives

Sister Wives Fans Notice Robyn Brown’s Plan Backfires

However, as the Sister Wives fans discuss the scene, several are sure Robyn Brown intends to take the spotlight off of Janelle Brown’s weight loss efforts by purposely getting a shirt that doesn’t look good on her. But when Janelle pulls it off, it gains more attention for her major strides toward her goals.

  • The initial poster adds a comment saying, “So I’m on a first time watch through and the scene where Robyn got a shirt for Janelle that was accidentally too small is hilarious because it completely backfired. It seems like she was hoping to embarrass Janelle and/or make her seem unappealing to Kody, but the opposite happened on both counts.”
  • “That shirt was definitely not what Janelle would have chosen for herself and probably wasn’t as comfy as either a properly sized t-shirt or snug athletic shirt. But d*mn, Janelle looked incredible and was a great role model for her family and fans for acknowledging the discomfort and completing the race anyway.”
Kody and Janelle Brown at the race. - Sister Wives
Kody and Janelle Brown at the race. – Sister Wives

Other Fans Point Out It Was No Mistake

Some fans believe Robyn Brown was jealous of what Janelle and Kody Brown had in their relationship so she tried to make Janelle look bad.

  • “This is the first time I thought Kody and Janelle definitely had a better sex life than the public believed. Was happy to know I was right after all these years when they kind of confirmed it in the tell alls.”
  • “‘Accidentally’ Robyn knew exactly what she was doing. She was trying her d*mnedest to make Janelle look bad.”
  • “The chick owns a online clothing store? Accidentally sent over the wrong size? LOL it back fired…Kody was firing his best bullets that day and we all know the target!”

What do you think about Kody Brown’s reaction to Janelle Brown’s form-fitting shirt? Do you think that Robyn Brown intentionally ordered the wrong size? Do you think her plot fell flat? Are you missing Sister Wives? Drop your comments below.

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  1. Robyn is the BIGGEST BIT$$ there was. I have never seen anyone that shows who she really is. Why the hell is she so jealous of all the other wives since she got her man, AND BELIEVE ME THEY BOTH ARE MADE FOR EACH OTHER. LOOK OUT KODY YOU MAYBE

    1. Absolutely Robyn loves stirring the pot
      then stepping back acting oh so innocent. I told my husband’s a few times after seeing Robyn I said “she isn’t anything but trouble” I sure was right she surely deserves a punk ass man like Kody, he really isn’t a man. My sympathy and prayers go out to Janelle and the rest of the family. Kody and Robyn can slither off together

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