‘The View’ Joy Behar Abruptly Replaced, What Happened?

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On The View Thursday, one of the regular panelists, Joy Behar, was missing from her regular spot. While the host normally has Mondays away from her post, it is a rare occurrence for her to miss on Thursdays. As Ana Navarro enters on an odd day out, fans begin to question Joy’s whereabouts.

Ana Navarro Steps In

Although it isn’t surprising to see Ana Navarro every week on The View, fans did wonder about her unusual attendance on Thursday. Notably, fans frequently see Ana when Joy Behar is out on Mondays and Whoopi Goldberg takes leave on Fridays. When the panel made their scheduled entrance on February 15 to Jennifer Lopez’s hit, Jenny from the Block, quickly viewers became aware of the guest host, Ana, mingling in. After assessing the group, fans took to X (formerly Twitter) to express their concern for the missing host, Joy.

Fans Worry About Joy Behar’s Abrupt Replacement

When The View fans figured out that Joy Behar was missing, they immediately began to worry about her abrupt replacement. Notably, traditionally if a host is out on an unscheduled day off, the moderator mentions and explains their absence. However, Whoopi Goldberg skipped this courtesy on Thursday. Normally, Ana steps in on Mondays, Fridays, for special episodes, and if co-hosts are sick, or taking a vacation. On X, several viewers made notice of Ana’s unusual Thursday attendance.

  • One fan observes in surprise, “Ana’s there today,” and another remarks, “Of course Ana is here today.”
  • “Where’s Joy,” someone asks adding a sad emoji.
  • “I just tuned in, where’s Joy,” adds with a worrying follow-up, “Is she ok?”
  • But someone theorizes, “So this is why Ana is in the house. Jennifer Lopez is at the table today.”

Joy Behar MIA

While The View moderator, Whoopi Goldberg, didn’t explain Joy Behar’s absence, some wonder if it is connected with her rumored desire to retire soon. Furthermore, she might be taking steps in her other career ventures. Additionally, the panelist could be sick like she was in December with COVID-19 or simply taking a bit of leave. Another theory is her Valentine’s Day with hubby, Steve Janowitz, may have gotten too spicy requiring the day after to recover. Undoubtedly, she has shared her feistiness through the years on sex and relationships. Admittedly, she said that drinking a martini “on an empty stomach” is key to having a healthy sex life in marriage. Likewise, perhaps Cupid served her up one too many martinis to join the show today. No matter the reason, Joy was missing in action and fans hope she is doing okay.

What do you think about Joy Behar’s abrupt replacement on The View? Do you think something is wrong or will the host be back as usual tomorrow? Drop your comments below.

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