‘Live’ Kelly Ripa Protects Children From ‘Filth’ Messages

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Kelly Ripa often makes slightly below-the-belt remarks during the morning talk show on ABC. However, this week she paused to discuss whether Live with Kelly and Mark should share sensitive content with the kids present in the audience. Why were so many of them there? Read on to find out.

Live Kelly Ripa Is Famous For NSFW Actions

When it comes to innuendo and NSFW actions, the wife of Mark Consuleos really does wear the crown, her fans believe. Sometimes, Mark Consuelos also relates a little bit of the naughty stuff. And, the audience loves it. However, Live with Kelly and Mark seldom has a lot of kids in the audience. Admittedly, it’s not filthy stuff, but some people might object to it in front of the kids.

Keeping Love Alive - Live Kelly Ripa - ABC YouTube
Keeping Love AliveLive Kelly Ripa – ABC YouTube

Live Kelly Ripa isn’t afraid to let the world know that she slips between the sheets with ‘Hiram Lodge’ from the CW’s Riverdale. So, over the years, fans heard about her husband’s alleged foot fetish and the exact size of her boobs as they waxed and waned. But, it seems that her TMI stops in front of the children. Well, except for Nola, her daughter who cringed as a teen.

Pausing Live With Kelly And Mark  For Kids

The Sun reported this week, that during Tuesday’s show, there were a lot of children in the audience. Because of Valentine’s Day, the couple announced their “Love Week.” People could send in romantic experiences and questions to the show’s “Love Inbox.” Then Live Kelly Ripa and Mark would read them out. However, she looked at the audience and decided it might not be such a good idea.

Kelly Ripa, Mark Consuelos - Live with Kelly and Mark - ABC
Kelly Ripa, Mark Consuelos – Live with Kelly and Mark – ABC

Kelly Ripa uses the word “filth” to describe what arrived in the Live Inbox when she noticed youngsters in the audience.

Love Week continues when we read more of your stories from the Love Inbox… Look, there’s a lot of kids here today. Do we want to read this filth on the air?

The outlet noted that the kids went into the audience  because “there had been a snow day in the city so school was out.” Apparently, some of the “cast members” took their children along.

While Mark fumbled with the name of one young kid, and laughed, Kelly Ripa seemed a bit reluctant, saying, “Yeah, we’re gonna have to pick some clean ones, because some of these are pretty steamy.”

What do you think about Kelly Ripa being hesitant to read out the “Love Inbox” content in front of young kids? It might not have actually been “filth,” but at least she spared a thought for the children. Shout out in the comments below, and come back here for all your Live with Kelly and Mark news. 

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