Kylie Jenner Gets Pelted By Internet For Animal Cruelty Claims

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Recently, The Kardashians star, Kylie Jenner, got her fans talking by posting a picture that divided them. Notably, some loved her new look and sent their compliments. However many of the fans were disappointed in Kylie’s disrespect for animals and hit her with backlash claims of animal cruelty.

Kylie Jenner Gets Fans Talking

Although The Kardashians star, Kylie Jenner has been in the spotlight for her weight loss recently, she is still shocking fans with her bold styles. On Kylie’s Instagram page, she adds a photo of herself fully covered in fur. Within the picture, she sat beneath the sleeves of a puffy brown and white coat that contrasted against her dark locks. During the snap, she was posing in a car and showed off her perfectly pink pouty lips paired with dark-rimmed oversized glasses. Then she captions it, “πŸ₯Έ.”

  • Among the first few comments was Hulu saying, “flawless.”
  • “Beautifully perfect❕”
  • “Love u 😍.”
  • “It’s giving Adam driver in house of Gucci.”
Kylie Jenner showing off her new style. - Instagram
Kylie Jenner showing off her new style. – Instagram

Fans Give Their Thoughts On Her Post

While Kylie Jenner gives her casual pout, some people mistook the fur coat for dogs lying on top of her. Although the realization that it wasn’t puppies surprised some of The Kardashians fans, most were laughing a their misinterpretation.

  • “Am i the only one that though you were hugging puppies πŸ˜…πŸ’ž.”
  • “πŸ˜‚ M2 i thought she had one on the left one on the Right.”
  • “πŸ˜‚ thank you I thought the same.”
  • “I didn’t know she wasn’t until i saw your comment πŸ˜‚.”
  • “I thought she was getting puppy love .. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.”
  • “That looks like a corgi from back view πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.”
Kylie Jenner divides her fans with her new look. - Instagram
Kylie Jenner divides her fans with her new look. – Instagram

Fans Call Out Kylie Jenner For Animal Cruelty

But things turned more grim as other fans of The Kardashians realized she wasn’t just snuggling cute little puppies. Undoubtedly, not everyone appreciates Kylie Jenner’s style.

  • Please not animal furr 😒😒.”
  • “Nope, just dead fox skins….”
  • “And does vegan makeup πŸ˜‚.”
  • “That she eats meat, ofc she does it just for marketing and not because she actually cares about animals and the industries that tortures them😁.”
  • “It’s giving animal cruelty.”
  • While other people completely changed their opinion of Kylie, “I guess I admired you until I saw this.”
  • “Shameful, he should upload this photo with animal skin knowing the suffering and torture it entails for them.”
  • Additionally, some fans were disappointed, saying, “A little sad :(.”
Kylie Jenner wearing fur. - Instagram
Kylie Jenner wearing fur. – Instagram


What do you think about Kylie Jenner’s fur look? Did you think she was holding cute puppies? Does this seem like animal cruelty to you or just a means of fashion? Are you missing episodes of The Kardashians? Drop your comments below.

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