Why Kardashian Fans Think Kim Is Scared Of North

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Recently, fans of The Kardashians have been discussing how they believe that Kim Kardashian is afraid of her daughter, North West. While there is no doubt that North gives her mom a run for her money, fans gather clues as to why it may be more than just that. Notably, a source spoke out about North being difficult and even having a dirty, nasty mouth. Additionally, they refer to her as a spoiled rich kid behind the scenes.

One Fan Kicks Off A Conversation About Kim Kardashian And North West’s Relationship

Notably, Kim Kardashian and North West have a strange dynamic between them. Oftentimes, North speaks to her mom with blunt statements that can come with a twinge. On Reddit, some of The Kardashians fans discussed Kim and North’s relationship. First, a user opens with, “But the insider mentions that all of Kim’s kids are ‘bad af in real life.’ But a big focus is on how controlling North is of her mother, Kim. Additionally, the source insists that it is North’s house, not Kim’s. Moreso the employee says North’s mouth is ‘dirty and nasty.’” Then they posted a video of Kanye West on a rant that incorporated a statement saying that North had torn up Kim’s couches to be with him. But other fans took to the comments to express what they thought about Kim and North’s relationship.

The Kardashians Fans Discuss The Issue Further

Although the comments had mixed reviews from The Kardashians fans, several dropped their opinions in the discussion about the apparent issues between Kim Kardashian’s parenting and North West’s behaviors.

  • “Here’s how I see it. It seems like Kim had a hard time making and keeping friends so she treat North as more of a friend than a child. North is put on a pedestal by Kim so she’s going to take full advantage of that. This is no surprise at all.”
  • “Agreed, kids test boundaries and will go as far as their parents allow. Kim definitely treats North more as a friend. I also got the feeling that’s how Kris was when her daughters were growing up, which likely is the reason all the sisters feel so comfortable openly speaking disrespectfully to Kris. Overly lax parenting seems to be their norm.”
  • “And that’s Kim’s cross to carry because at the end of the day she speaks to her mother crazily but to be fair her mom didn’t start being a mom until they got famous.”

But the insider mentions that all of Kim’s kids are “bad af in real life.” But a big focus is on how controlling North is of her mother, Kim. Additionally, the source insists that it is North’s house, not Kim’s. Moreso the employee says North’s mouth is “dirty and nasty.”
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Some Fans Believe Kim Kardashian Is Afraid Of Her Daughter

While some people find North West’s harsh interactions to be funny, others think she is out of control. Although several of The Kardashians fans thought the root was in Kim Kardashian’s parenting style, others believe she is scared of North West.

  • “You can tell she likes spending time with Kanye more, she yearns for an actual parent not an immature narcissist ‘friend’ who just lives with her.”
  • “I remember when i watched their tik tok live and Kim seemed so anxious and scared of North.”
Kim Kardashian, North West-Instagram
Kim Kardashian, North West-Instagram

One Fan Says People Are Slandering North West

But quickly, one fan jumps to North West‘s defense and additionally calls out Kim Kardashian and the rest of the Kardashians.

  •  They say, “Wow. Now she’s anxious and scared of her own daughter?Miss me with it.” Then the commenter continues, “Whenever it’s a black woman (in this case a little black girl) we’re all of sudden so big and scary. Makes me f*cking sick. North is a f*cking child.” Then they add that the initial interaction was from one source. Saying, “Mind you this is speculation from a hairdresser who had all of one interaction that we know of.”But the user also talks about another Kardashian family member. Adding, “If they’re not cowering and afraid of P after she was whacking her nanny’s lights out and laughing like a demon child then they shouldn’t be scared of North. Did you watch the show? You see how kimmy and the rest of the Klan talks to Kris right? North is cut from the same cloth. Spoiled, valley, rich girl with little discipline and a high sense of entitlement but let’s not act like she’s some f*cking monster that Kim needs protection from. The North slander is getting a little f*cking crazy now.”
  • Then another fan pushes back, “This has nothing to do with skin color. Kim allows Saint to act bratty, too. Kourtney’s kids are feral and undisciplined. It is the moms approach to parenting that is lacking. It has nothing to with anything other than that.”

What do you think? Do you think North West scares Kim Kardashian? Is Kim too lax in her parenting? Is North being slandered? Send us your thoughts below.

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