Kardashian Insider Says North West Owns House Not Kim?

Kim Kardashan and North West/IG

Everyone knows that the cameras for The Kardashians don’t show everything. Seemingly, there is tea being spilled everywhere you turn. Lately, several people have come forward with different views of what happens in real life in the Kardashian homes. Recently, a former employee talked about who she thought was the meanest sister. Now, an insider has revealed information about Kim Kardashian and her family.

Insider Spills How It Is At Kim Kardashian’s House

In a Reddit post, an insider who allegedly cut North West’s hair has dropped some details about how it is when cameras aren’t on. The subject title: “Someone who allegedly was hired by Kim to do North’s hair spills some tea…do you believe it?” However, following there is a paragraph about anonymous tea spilling. It mentions they had to sign an NDA to do North’s hair. Interestingly, they didn’t seem to want their identity in the post but gave many pieces of information anyway.

Kim Kardashian | Instagram
Kim Kardashian | Instagram

North West Owns The House

It details that Kim Kardashian’s kids are “bad af in real life, especially North.” The person alludes to the fact that North “owns the house” and controls everything she wants instead of her mom, Kim. Moreover, it talks about how stuck up, spoiled, and disrespectful the kids are to everyone, but specifically to their mom. The post says, “That’s North’s house.” Seemingly, there is no question in this person’s mind that Kim bends and just does whatever she is told by the kids.

Slamming Kim Kardashian And Kanye West’s Parenting

Unquestionably, the post is pointedly slamming Kim Kardashian and Kanye “Ye” West’s parenting choices. Within the post, Ye is under the microscope for not helping with disciplining the kids. And then the insider says Kim is always distracted, “Kim just be on social media all day in her room on TikTok now.”

Someone who allegedly was hired by Kim to do North’s hair spills some tea…do you believe it?
byu/taylordabrat inkardashians

Further, it discusses how North is terrible to everyone. Talking about her having a dirty, nasty mouth. Seemingly, the only good thing they could say was that Kim was nice and would say “good night and thank you.”

People Were There For The Comments

However, in the comments section, the viewers had plenty to say. One commenter says, “Not surprised at all. Every time Kim tells a story about North she thinks is cute, it’s North doing something horrible.” Agreeably, one said they believed it with the way that Saint acted on the latest episode of The Kardashians. Saying, “Him screaming it’s the worst night of his life. Then the preview for next week or he’s literally yelling at Kim. It’s kind of ironic how much they hate on Kourtney and her parenting. What’s the difference? They’re all spoiled.”

Kim Kardashian - North West - The Kardashians - Instagram
Kim Kardashian – North West – The Kardashians – Instagram

But, several blame Kris Jenner for how she parented Kim, “I’ve watched every Kuwtk and the Kardashians episodes and it would make sense because of the way all of Kris Jenner’s kids spoke to her and continue to do so with a lot of disrespect. It would make sense for that to continue down the line.” Additionally, another said, “Kylie is the only respectful one now as an adult. They all (Kylie included) had their disrespectful phase but Kylie is the only one that actually grew out of it and treats her mom with respect now. But tbh, Kris never really was the best mom to them anyway.”

What do you think about North running Kim Kardashian’s house? How do you think it is behind the scenes of The Kardashians? Would you want to work for the Kardashian family? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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