‘Chrisley Knows Best’ Emmy Medders Gives Sad Update On Dad

Emmy Medders-Instagram

Chrisley Knows Best alum Emmy Medders is giving a sad update on her father. It has not been an easy year, dealing with breakup. Now, she is in the worst place possible with her beloved dad. What exactly is going on? Read on for more details.

Chrisley Knows Best Emmy Medders Gives Sad Update On Dad

Emmy Medders has had several years of ups and downs. Viewers watched her relationship with Chrisley Knows Best star Chase Chrisley. It was very on and off but he eventually put a ring on it and this seemed to be the light at the end of the tunnel. His parents, Todd and Julie Chrisley were heading to prison in early 2023 so he popped the question in October 2022. This way they could see this momentous occasion before they headed off. Sadly, in 2019, Emmy’s beloved father was diagnosed with ALS and it rocked her family to the core.


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She did seem elated to plan a life with Chase but sadly, that did not last either. In the Summer of 2023, the two called off their engagement. He has since moved on with a new woman and is focused on real estate. As for Emmy, she shared a status update on her father via Instagram. With deep sadness, he will remain in hospice so he can be as comfortable as possible. Their main goal was for him not to suffer and they are ensuring that he will continue to be at peace. Finally, Emmy noted all of the kindness and prayers mean the world to her and her family.

Emmy Medders-Instagram
Emmy Medders-Instagram

This post made its way to Reddit and followers felt really bad about what was going on with Emmy Medders’ father.

  • So very sad 😭
  • Prayers for an easy transition!

Along with the post about her father’s status, Emmy also shared a sweet photo of them holding hands.

Emmy Medders-Instagram
Emmy Medders-Instagram

On the snap, she wrote: “We’ve spent some of the best quality time together as a family. And we will continue to love my sweet daddy until Jesus calls him home.”

Moving On

Despite all that is going on in her life, Emmy Medders has shared glowing photos of herself on her social media. She looks better than she ever has since parting ways with Chase Chrisley. He has since moved on but has received a lot of hate regarding his new love. They started dating within months of his split from Emmy but the biggest problem is prancing on social media. Apparently, he said he would keep his next romance private but that did not happen. Hopefully, they both find real happiness with the right person. For now, Emmy is in a lot of pain but seems to be handling it immensely well.

Are you surprised at how fast things turned for Emmy’s father? More so, do you think Chase and his family will reach out when the time comes? Let us know in the comments and so much love and light to the family during this painful time.

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