Chase Chrisley Reveals Why Emmy Medders Dumped Him

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It is no secret that Chase Chrisley and Emmy Medders are no longer together. The details of what caused this relationship to end, however, were never really made clear. Fortunately, Chase Chrisley was a guest on his sister Savannah’s most recent podcast episode. Very early on in the podcast episode, Chase confirmed he and Emmy were over. He also confirmed he would be spilling some tea during the episode.

While talking to his sister about the end of his relationship, Chase Chrisley admits that Emmy Medders decided to dump him. The question is: Why?

Chase Chrisley Spills Emmy Medders Dumped Him & Why

Pretty early on in the conversation, Chase admitted that both he and Emmy were going through things. He did what he could to be there for her during her struggles. Unfortunately, he implied that Emmy Medders was not necessarily as supportive of him and his struggles. Chase told his sister that Emmy Medders dumped him instead of hanging on while he worked his own problems out. Now, Chase also tried to say the decision to end their relationship was mutual. But, that was after confessing that Emmy decided to dump him first.

Unfortunately, Chase Chrisley didn’t really dive into the details of the “sh*t” he was going through. But, fans that follow his family are already well-versed. Sadly, it sounds as though Chase was implying Emmy Medders wasn’t happy with the legal drama surrounding his mother and father. Ultimately, she decided to end the relationship as opposed to continuing to be there for Chase.

Emmy Medders & Chase Chrisley On Vacation [Chase Chrisley | Instagram]
[Chase Chrisley | Instagram]
While fans don’t know all of the details about things Emmy Medders is going through, fans can assume her father’s health is a huge part of it. Chase Chrisley told his sister that he did what he could to be there for Emmy during her struggles. But, it didn’t sound as if she returned the favor.

Families Not A Good Match?

Savannah Chrisley also made it pretty clear during the conversation that she did not care for Emmy Medders. She said she thought she was a good person. And, she was not trying to get on the podcast and bash her. But, she did not trust Emmy. She questioned her “intentions” of getting married to Chase.

Moreover, Savannah Chrisley argued that it felt like Chase was choosing Emmy’s family over his own during their relationship.

To date, Emmy Medders has not issued an official statement on the end of her relationship with Chase Chrisley. After the release of Savannah Chrisley’s most recent podcast episode, Chrisley fans have all eyes on Emmy Medders. Will she tell her side of the story?

Do you think Todd and Julie are the reason Emmy and Chase broke up? Is she really the villain of the story as Chase and Savannah suggest? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for more Chrisley news,

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