Travis Kelce Excited To Support Taylor Swift On Tour

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce/Credit: SNL YouTube

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce have been a power couple for quite some time now. You either love or hate them together, but most people love them. Taylor has been supporting Travis at games for the last few months and he is ready to support her. Taylor and Travis met after Taylor performed at Arrowhead Stadium. Kelce then said how he wanted to give Swift a friendship bracelet with his number on it and this sparked a romance. Now that the season is over, how much traveling will the two be doing together?

Travis Kelce Won The Super Bowl

Travis Kelce is a tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs and recently just won the Super Bowl for the second year. The Kansas City Chiefs took on the San Fransisco 49ers for the champion title. While the Chiefs were down in the first half, they made their comeback in the second half and made the game go into overtime. In overtime, the Chiefs ended up winning the ring and everyone was ecstatic. Travis Kelce had his whole family there including Taylor Swift and the celebration afterward seemed to be amazing. Taylor Swift was in a suite with Travis’ family and some of her friends including Ice Spice, Blake Lively, and Keleigh Teller. The celebration between Taylor and her friends assured people that Taylor loves Travis.

The Two Will Be Traveling Together

Taylor Swift has supported her boyfriend Travis Kelce at the 13 games she has attended. However, now that the Super Bowl is over, Travis is excited to support Taylor.

“They are making plans for the summer and are excited to travel together in Europe when Taylor takes her tour there,”

Taylor will be performing overseas for the next few months.

“Football is everything to him. He lives and breathes it. But he’s ready for some downtime now and to show up for Taylor the way she has for him, the attention on them is definitely a lot, but Travis has done a great job deflecting and focusing on what’s important.”

Travis Kelce’s family is ecstatic for him and love the two together as they see they are happy together.

“Everyone is so happy for Travis and the whole family. He really is feeling on top of the world, his family is beyond supportive, and they’re just along for the ride with him and to be there for him. They all love Taylor and see how happy she makes him.”

Travis Kelce from The New Heights Podcast, sourced from YouTube
Travis Kelce from The New Heights Podcast, sourced from YouTube

It seems as though Travis will be supporting his girlfriend throughout the rest of her international tour dates. He is ready to return the support she gave him and will be jamming to every song she plays. He knows them considering they were jamming to “Love Story” at the Super Bowl after-party. Fans cannot wait to see their journey together and their relationship blossom. What do you think about it? Sound off in the comments below.

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