Is Andy Reid Retiring After Back-To-Back Super Bowl Wins?

Andy Reid remains one of the best head coaches in the NFL. His Kansas City Chiefs just won their second straight Super Bowl and their third championship in the last five seasons. At the age of 65, at least one former NFL Super Bowl-winning coach is wondering if it is time for Andy to hang it up. He asked the coach and got an honest answer.

Here is what Andy Reid said about retiring at the end of this successful NFL season.

Is Andy Reid planning to retire?

Andy Reid has been one of the most successful coaches in the NFL over the last decade. His Kansas City Chiefs have never had a losing season since he took over as their head coach. Before the Chiefs, he coached the Philadelphia Eagles and led them to nine winning seasons in his 14 seasons there, including a Super Bowl appearance in 2004 where they lost to the New England Patriots.

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Since showing up in Kansas City, he has been even better. He only had one season with less than 10 wins and that was the only season his Chiefs didn’t make it to the playoffs. Starting in 2019, the Chiefs officially became a dynasty when they won their first Super Bowl in 40 years (they won one in 1969). Since 2019, the only season the Chiefs have not been in a Super Bowl was in 2021 and they are now 3-1 in Super Bowl appearances under Reid.

However, in an interview with former Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Bill Cowher, Reid was asked about retirement. Cowher straight up asked Reid if he would retire if he won this third Super Bowl in five years. Reid answered honestly, saying that he feels great and doesn’t plan to retire. “It hasn’t hit me. That’s the best answer I can give.”

Bill Cowher retired from the NFL when he was 49. Cowher only had three losing seasons with the Steelers and he retired after his team went 8-8 in the 2006 NFL season. The Steelers won the Super Bowl the year before that in 2005. Cowher said that retiring wasn’t “that bad” and he hasn’t “lost a game in 17 years.” However, it’s not the same for Reid right now, who isn’t ready to step down.

When could Andy Reid retire from the NFL?

In his time with the Kansas City Chiefs, Andy Reid has a record of 128 wins and only 51 losses in the regular season since 2013. In his last 10 seasons, the team has won 10 or more games every year. He has been to the AFC Championship game six straight years, won four AFC Championships, and now has three Super Bowl titles.

However, his retirement might not be that far off. He still has a great team with Patrick Mahomes as the franchise quarterback. Mahomes is only 28 and has at least another decade or more in front of him. However, franchises don’t usually last. Even if Mahomes remains healthy, it takes a lot to keep the players around him at a top level.

There is a chance Reid could reach Bill Belichick’s level of success. Belichick had double-digit wins in 19 of 21 seasons. He also had a star quarterback in Tom Brady, and it wasn’t until Brady left that Belichick saw his success falter. Reid is not likely to last as long as Belichick, who is only six years older than Reid.

What are your thoughts about Andy Reid’s success with the Kansas City Chiefs? Do you think he might consider retirement in the next few years? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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