Wendy William’s Ex, Livid Over Exploitation Of Her Pitiful Condition

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Kevin Hunter Sr. is speaking out about the upcoming Wendy Williams documentary, set to premiere on Lifetime later this month. He said that he felt blindsided by the network’s coverage of his ex-wife and is mad because he feels that she was exploited. According to a source close to Kevin, he was caught off guard when the Where Is Wendy Williams? trailer was released. Continue reading to see why he is so disappointed in the project.

Lifetime Documentary Shows Wendy Williams At Her Worst

Someone in Wendy Williams’ circle revealed that Kevin Hunter was shocked by how his ex was depicted in the Lifetime trailer.

Her ex believes that the upcoming Lifetime documentary will only further hurt her reputation. Specifically, he thought the scene in the trailer of Wendy yelling over a bottle of vodka looking disoriented in New York City was hard to watch. Other scenes showed her struggling as her health continued to decline.

Wendy Williams - YouTube, Lifetime

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In another part of the clip, Wendy Williams can be seen breaking down about her talk show series coming to an end. At the time, she was seriously struggling with both her mental and physical health. “Since I was six years old, all I wanted was to be famous,” Wendy said to the camera. Then the trailer took a more serious turn, showing the daytime TV star at her worst.

Wendy’s Ex Is Livid That The Project Moved Forward

“Kevin was shocked to see his ex-wife portrayed in such a negative light in the Lifetime trailer,” the person told The U.S. Sun. “He was also totally blindsided that their son, Kevin Jr, ended up signing onto the project after he initially said he wanted nothing to do with it.”

Apparently, Wendy’s ex was against the documentary from the start. He believed that the project would only hurt Wendy Williams’ legacy even more. She left The Wendy Williams Show in July 2021 as she was experiencing significant health issues and legal problems. Since then, there have been a number of videos released of Wendy Williams looking less than her best.

Where Is Wendy Williams - YouTube, Lifetime

Image: YouTube/Lifetime

Kevin Hunter Sr. believes that the network is exploiting Wendy to get people to watch the upcoming premiere. He was also disappointed that his son wound up signing onto the project too.

“Little Kev was repeatedly advised that it was a bad look to be involved in this project and that it was not in his best interest to have his name attached to it,” the insider revealed. In the trailer, Kevin Jr. stated that his mom has “done a really good job at making it seem like everything’s OK.” However, it is easy to see from the trailer that there is something wrong.

Where Is Wendy Williams? will premiere on February 24 at 8 p.m. EST on Lifetime. Take a look at the trailer for the documentary below and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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