‘Expedition X’ Release Date & What To Expect From New Season

Expedition X

Expedition X is back tonight on Discovery and Jessica Chobot has revealed where the team will start this season. She also talked about her trip for the season premiere and how great it was for her and the team.

Here is a look at what you can expect from the Expedition X season premiere tonight.

Jessica Chabot talks new season of Expedition X

Expedition X is back on Discovery on Wednesday night, February 7, and Jessica Chabot released a post telling people what they can expect from the new season premiere. According to Jessica, the first episode of the new season takes the team to Romania.

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Jessica said it was more than just investigating the paranormal in Romania, though. She pointed out that the country was a “blast” and she believes she wants to return in the future for a personal vacation. She said the food was great and the wine was outstanding. Jessica also said that everyone there was nice and the architecture was “super cool.” She said there were a ton of photos taken and there would be behind-the-scenes footage popping up soon.

Jessica also hinted at what was to come in the episode. In her hashtags, she added tags for “witchcraft,” “witches,” and “haunted.” However, that might be a misdirection. The premiere is actually about vampires and is called “Transylvania Terror,” where Phil and Jess explore the site of the Dracula legend. However, at night, Jess realizes someone – or something – is watching her.

What to expect from Expedition X Season 7

Expedition X is a spinoff series from Expedition Unknown, one that Josh Gates started with biologist Phil Torres and TV host Jessica Chobot. It premiered its first season on February 12, 2020, and the sixth season wrapped up on September 20, 2023. With two seasons a year, it has given fans of the format a lot to love.

The entire purpose of Expedition X is to lean into the more paranormal aspects of the exploration from Expedition Unknown. In the sixth season last year, the team explored a psychiatric hospital, looked for the Honey Island Swamp monster, and went to the Uinta Basin in Utah where people have claimed to see skin-walkers and UFOs.

The seventh season of Expedition X will take the team to some incredible destinations as they explore the unknown. The premiere will see them in Romania. In Japan, they will look into the spirits of samurai and yokai. They also are headed to Egypt this season for mysteries surrounding the pyramids and mummies.

The new season of Expedition X premieres on February 7 at 9 pm ET across all Discovery platforms. Internationally, it will roll out in March.

Are you ready for the new season of Expedition X on Discovery? What do you hope to see in the new season? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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