‘Golden Bachelor’ Season 2 Filming Dates Leaked?

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Season 2 of The Golden Bachelor has yet to be officially confirmed, but the possible production dates have been leaked. When will it be filmed? Keep reading for all the details on the unintentional leak.

Gerry Turner Signs With Talent Agency

Did Gerry Turner get bitten by the Hollywood bug? The reality star made a huge move weeks after marrying Theresa Nist in a televised wedding.

On January 30th, Deadline reported that Gerry Turner signed with talent agency Gersch. The outlet provided hints about the television personality’s possible motive. Gersh recently acquired the departments from another company that focuses on unscripted content.

The Golden Bachelor show may not be the last fans see of Gerry Turner.

Golden Bachelor Season 2 Filming Dates Leaked?

With the first season of the senior spinoff, ABC has yet to confirm if there will be a Season 2 of The Golden Bachelor. The ratings were strong, and Bachelor Nation fans are interested, especially in a possible Golden Bachelorette spinoff.

While the network has stayed silent, their website does a lot of talking for them. If you head over to bachelornation.com, there is an application available to fill out for both Golden Bachelor and Golden Bachelorette.

The questions range from personal details to romantic history. “What is your dating history?” one question asks. In another space, applicants can provide a list of their relationship dealbreakers.

However, one section of the application seems to hint that Season 2 is a go, even if still unconfirmed by the network.

There is a section of the application that says, “Production is scheduled for this summer.” Applicants are asked if they have “any conflicts during June-August 2024?”

There is also a question about valid passports. As Bachelor Nation fans know, the show jets around the world in the second half of the season.

Credit: ABC

Fate Of Bachelor In Paradise In Question

The first season of The Golden Bachelor was reportedly filmed during the month of August 2023. It premiered on ABC on September 28. Season 9 of Bachelor In Paradise premiered the same night.

However, there are rumblings in the franchise that BIP is on pause while either The Golden Bachelor or The Golden Bachelorette airs. ABC has yet to renew BIP for another season.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean cancellation. They didn’t confirm Season 9 until May 2023, four months before it premiered.

Do you think the application confirms Season 2 is happening? What do you think the future holds for BIP? Sound off in the comments.

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