‘Southern Charm’ JT Talks Hardest Part Of Season

Jarrett 'JT' Thomas-YouTube

Southern Charm newbie Jarrett Thomas aka JT is talking about the hardest part of Season 9. He was the biggest gossip in Charleston amongst the men. JT also made fans hate him and feel that he was possibly the most annoying person on the show. Now, he is chatting about what went on and you will never believe what his biggest struggle was. Read on for more details.

Southern Charm JT Talks Hardest Part Of Season

JT came into Southern Charm and was ready to gossip and cause trouble. He was the one who spilled the beans that Austen Kroll and Taylor Ann Green were having sleepovers. It then came out that they had kissed which was something that they had denied. This caused so much trouble in the friend group. Shep Rose was the ex of Taylor and a close friend to Austen so he felt extremely betrayed. Additionally, Olivia Flowers was Austen’s ex and had become best friends with Taylor she felt like she had been slapped in the face.

Jarrett 'JT' Thomas-YouTube
Jarrett ‘JT’ Thomas-YouTube

Nothing was right for the rest of the season but Taylor kept her friendship with Austen. At the same time, she still hooked up occasionally with Shep. However, JT was actually in love with Taylor and he waited until the season finale to finally confess those feelings. He would spend time with her but never really said anything to her. When he did say something, she was flattered but she did friendzone him. Now, in an interview on the SidePiece Podcast, JT is sharing the most difficult moment of the season.


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He admits that it was the Southern Charm season finale because he had no idea how Taylor would respond to his love declaration. Furthermore, JT cannot believe how many viewers watched him get rejected which is extremely hard for him to deal with. He knows it does not happen to many people but he has been in love with her for some time.

Fans Have A Good Laugh

After seeing this clip of JT, Southern Charm fans went wild in the comments section. They wondered what he expected by professing his love on national television.

  • 🙄 ya shouldn’t of gone there on national TV .
  • He is a scary human.
  • He was such a good addition to the show bcuz he got things going

So, it’s mixed as some loved the drama that he brought to the series whereas others think he is “scary.” Many find him cringeworthy so it will be interesting to see if he is back next season.

What do you think of JT and his hardest moment of the season? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. He seems to think he has the right voice his opinion on anyone and anything. He should stay out of things! Shut up little man!!

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