‘MAFS’ Jamie Thompson’s Exes Told Beth To Run, Why?

Married at First Sight: Beth Bice - Jamie Thompson

Married at First Sight Season 9 alum Beth Bice has been keeping a lid on the can of worms regarding her marriage to Jamie Thompson until her divorce is official. However, she has been dropping some cryptic hints about their time together. So, what did she recently dish?

Married At First Sight: Beth Bice And Jamie Thompson Married In Season 9

Married at First Sight fans have to go all the way back to Season 9 of the show to remember Beth Bice and Jamie Thompson. Almost instantly, these two had problems in their union. Fans will remember Beth flying off the handle as she and her new husband got into various shouting matches.

Initially, the Married at First Sight experts believed that Jamie Thompson’s calm demeanor would balance out nicely with Beth’s firecracker personality. While this did work for a while, it clearly wasn’t meant to be in a long-term sense. From the looks of it, Beth Bice has also been holding onto a lot of tea.

Married at First Sight: Elizabeth Bice - Jamie Thompson
Married at First Sight: Elizabeth Bice – Jamie Thompson/Instagram

MAFS Pair Gave Things A Solid Try

With so many Lifetime marriages ending in divorce, for a while, it seemed as though Jamie and Beth would stay in the win column for the experts. For a time, they certainly found ways to make things work despite their obvious differences. However, they were ultimately not meant to be.

After months of rough patches, reconciliation attempts, and throwing everything into their marriage to try and make it work, Jamie Thompson officially filed for divorce in June 2023. At the time, he said that they were unable to find “common ground”, and that, their relationship had reached a point of “no return”.

Married at First Sight: Jamie Thompson
Married at First Sight: Jamie Thompson/YouTube

Married At First Sight: Beth Bice Has The Receipts On Jamie Thompson?

Since that Married at First Sight divorce filing, Elizabeth Bice has been bread-crumbing fans with what allegedly went on in their marriage. Even though she is waiting until the divorce is final to spill the tea, she has dropped more than enough hints to pique the interest of fans.

According to the latest from the Married at First Sight alum, she said recently that three of Thompson’s exes told her to “run” and not marry him. As fans know, she went through with the marriage anyway. Naturally, at the time, she believed these were nothing more than spiteful former lovers. In hindsight, though, she now wishes she listened and didn’t go through with it at the altar.

Married at First Sight: Beth Bice
Married at First Sight: Beth Bice/YouTube

If nothing else, it’ll be interesting to see what other tea Beth spills once her divorce is final. From the looks of it, there’s a lot more that she is holding onto. Of course, she didn’t go into specifics as to why the exes told her to run. Still, that could be something she is holding close to the vest for now, adding that things between them were “super messed up”.

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