Elizabeth Bice of ‘Married at First Sight’ discloses her biggest disappointment in Jamie

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From her first minutes on Married at First Sight, Elizabeth Bice always spoke exactly what was on her mind, for better or worse.  Long before her walk down the aisle to meet her groom, Jamie Thompson, Elizabeth, “Beth” Bice, was spewing choice words like bullets as her way of coping with the nerves of marrying a man she had never met.

Whatever any fan’s feelings about Elizabeth Bice, she and Jamie had sparked fires from the start, from their dramatic dip for a kiss at the ceremony, to their uproarious “food fight” with wedding cake.

Honesty can be a good thing, but only if it can be balanced with caring and listening, too.  It was soon evident that Jamie and Elizabeth were unpracticed in considering how a partner felt.  Still, their spat over lunch locations during the honeymoon didn’t become a devastating hurdle.  They talked it out, and Jamie declared that he felt relieved and appreciated after clearing the air. He even used the word “safe” which is a high standard of ease for any newlywed couple.

Not much safety is being felt between Bice and Thompson in recent weeks.  This week, despite a nostalgic and loving re-creation of the couple’s nuptials by the groom, Elizabeth can be heard yelling:  “Go away, Jamie!” as Thompson responds, “Have a nice life!” before turning out the light and walking out the door.

Considering the mix of the major attraction and tremendous tumult that has characterized the lawful connection between Elizabeth Bice and Jamie Thompson, it would be logical to think that she has a numbered list of letdowns from her husband.  In fact, Elizabeth revealed in an August 7 Newsweek interview that her primary disappointment with her chosen mate was geographical, not emotional or physical.

Not enough of a mystery man

From the outset of her Married at First Sight experience, fans knew that Elizabeth Bice had focused a lot of her life’s attention on herself.   The 30-year-old account executive, as she describes, availed herself of “an opportunity” within her father’s company to advance in employment after dropping out of college.

Bice’s vocational goals became a point of contention between her and her husband, and the pride rightly contends that if she were a son, nothing about her situation would be out of the ordinary.

One of the things Elizabeth Bice looked forward to most from Married at First Sight was meeting a man with different hometown roots—alas, that didn’t happen.  Both are from the Carolinas.

“I think the most disappointing thing about my partner was that he was from my hometown,” Elizabeth confesses.  Bice hails from Mooresville, North Carolina, and wasn’t “looking forward to going back to visit.”  Thompson is from Columbia, South Carolina and is very career-oriented as a financial tech consultant.

Jamie seemed to get point deductions from Elizabeth for not romancing her enough, but the couple did share a steamy bathtub on their honeymoon and delighted in an opportune moment for a “sexy dance.”

Elizabeth Bice was delighted that Jamie “was a city guy and more metro.”

Lessons learned

Both verbal attacks and emotional assaults have overtaken disputes between Bice and Thompson.  Dr. Pepper Schwartz, one of the Married at First Sight experts, hurried in with intervention for the couple.  She advised that, no matter what, neither partner should leave and that the “toxic fights” should cease.

Elizabeth performed her own intervention, with Jamie playing along.  Sage cleanses and consuming “charged” moon water seemed to take a positive effect on the pair.  Sadly, this week’s episode depicts the relationship in shambles.

Four more weeks remain until knowing the fate of Elizabeth Bice and Jamie Thompson on Decision Day, but this free-spirited female has already learned a valuable lesson.  “Everything cannot always be on Beth time,” she insists.  She is also determined to pass her newfound realization on to others.

She has no regrets in being part of the Married at First Sight experience, and undoubtedly, is still a daddy’s girl.   Even so, becoming better at communication and conveying a better version of oneself are worthy takeaways.

Tresa Patterson

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