Cougar Leslie Fhima Open To Date Younger Cubs

Leslie Fhima/Credit: Leslie Fhima Instagram

Leslie Fhima once dated the famous musician Prince. After the heartbreaking split from Gerry Turner, is she ready for her cougar phase? Keep reading to find out what she thinks about dating younger guys.

Is She Still Friends With Women From Golden Bachelor?

Leslie Fhima joined The Golden Bachelor hoping to find lasting love after two failed marriages. She outlasted twenty other women also vying for Gerry Turner’s heart. But when it came down to making a final choice, Turner didn’t think Fhima was the right one for him and proposed to Theresa Nist.

As any Bachelor fan knows, the contestants spend minimal time with the lead and are confined to the Bachelor mansion with the other contestants.

That usually leads to bonds and friendships. But in Leslie Fhima’s case, did her disappointment with Gerry Turner affect her relationships with the other women?

Leslie Fhima, Faith Martin and Theresa Nist/Credit: ABC YouTube
Leslie Fhima, Faith Martin and Theresa Nist/Credit: ABC YouTube

According to the fitness trainer, not at all. She’s very close to many of the women in the house. During a recent interview on the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast, Leslie Fhima said she’s “really good friends” with the other women and talks to them “daily.”

Does that include Theresa Nist? Neither have spoken about where their friendship stands now that Nist is engaged to Gerry Turner.

Cougar Leslie Fhima Open To Date Younger Cubs

The twice-divorced Minnesota native is no stranger to heartbreak. In a new interview with Life & Style, Leslie Fhima shared whether she is ready to start dating again.

According to Fhima, it’s still too soon to put herself out there again. But when she’s ready, she will certainly have her pick of men.

She told the outlet that men in their 40s and under have been sliding into her DMs. “I have a 37-year-old son, so I don’t go there [with men under 40],” she said about the cubs hoping for her to be their cougar.

But she slyly added, “Maybe when I get there, I might reach out to a few of them.”

Is Leslie Fhima ready for her cougar era? Stay tuned!

Golden Bachelor - Leslie Fhima, Gerry Turner - ABC - Instagram
Golden Bachelor – Leslie Fhima, Gerry Turner – ABC – Instagram

She also added a relatable reason for not dating right now. “January and February and March are not the best times in Minneapolis to be meeting people!”

Many Bachelor Nation fans are rooting for her to be the first Golden Bachelorette. However, ABC still hasn’t shared any news on the highly anticipated spinoff.

Surprisingly, Life & Style didn’t ask Leslie Fhima if she would attend Gerry Turner and Theresa Nist’s upcoming wedding.

Tune in to the Golden Wedding on ABC on Thursday, January 4, to find out if she’s there.

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