‘Southern Charm’ Austen Kroll In Love With Taylor?

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Is Southern Charm man about town Austen Kroll in love with his co-star and close friend, Taylor Ann Green? The two have questioned if they should have a romance or not. Though they ultimately opted not to, it seems that maybe he has more feelings for her than he is letting on. Read on for more details.

Southern Charm Austen Kroll In Love With Taylor?

Taylor Ann Green started Season 9 of Southern Charm brokenhearted over Shep Rose. He had cheated on her repeatedly and that shattered her. It was then discovered that she had been sleeping over at Austen Kroll’s house and they had become really close. Though they both disputed that anything had ever happened between the two of them, that proved to be untrue. It eventually came out that the two of them had kissed and thought about having a relationship. They did see this was a bad idea but his ex-girlfriend, Olivia Flowers does not feel it stopped at kissing.

Taylor Ann Green-Instagram
Taylor Ann Green-Instagram

Now, Austen’s other ex, Madison LeCroy is challenging him about his true feelings for Taylor. According to Us Weekly, LeCroy feels that there is something more between Austen and Taylor. Therefore, she starts to challenge her ex on the situation. Madison talks to Austen and says this: “I’ve seen you. I’ve seen your face. I’ve seen your demeanor. I feel like you love Taylor [Ann Green]. No?” So, what does Austen have to say about this speculation? The Southern Charm gang is enjoying time on vacation in Jamaica and this question was very unexpected.

Madison LeCroy-YouTube
Madison LeCroy-YouTube

Of course, Austen does not confirm nor deny his feelings for Taylor Ann Green. She went out to eat with JT, sent nudes to Whitney Sudler-Smith, and hooked up with Shep Rose again. So, she may not be the ideal candidate for him and vice versa. Madison goes on to say that she does not want him to miss out on love because of others and mentions Shep. She adds that he should not be a factor whatsoever in Austen’s ultimate decision.

Will They Or Won’t They?

It seems that this Southern Charm romance may continue to fizzle out as Taylor Ann Green has moved on. She is now in a romance with a man named Gaston and the two seem very happy together. As for Austen Kroll, he spent time with RHONY star, Brynn Whitfield. She initially wanted to hang out with Shept Rose at BravoCon but hung out with Shep and Austen. Nothing really came from it but she would not be opposed to shaking things up in Charleston.

Do you think that Taylor and Austen would have been a good match? Let us know in the comments and watch Southern Charm Thursdays on Bravo.

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