‘Southern Charm’ Taylor Ann Green Soft Launches New Love?

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Has Southern Charm star Taylor Ann Green soft-launched her new love? On the show, she is currently embroiled in a lot of drama with her ex and his best friend. Yet, has she moved on from all of that and found someone new? Or, is it someone familiar? Read on for all of the details.

Southern Charm Taylor Ann Green Soft Launches New Love?

Taylor Ann Green was so in love with Shep Rose but he ended up being unfaithful. Their two-year romance fell apart and the aftermath is playing out on Southern Charm. However, when she felt lost and alone, she found solace in his best friend, Austen Kroll. He was newly single after dating Olivia Flowers for a short time and they just found solace in one another. Taylor since shared that she and Austen actually consulted their families about whether or not they should pursue a romance.

Rachel Hargrove Feuds With Austen Kroll [Bravo | YouTube]
This really bothered Shep and Olivia with an interrogation going on with Austen. Did he hook up with Taylor or not? The world may never know. As Southern Charm fans await an answer, a viewer took to Reddit after they saw Taylor’s Instagram story. She was cuddling up to a mystery man, not someone that has been seen on the reality series before. Along with the photo, the OP asked: “Who’s the new guy on Taylor’s insta stories?” Someone immediately had an answer which was extremely helpful. So, who is this new man Taylor is enamored with?

Taylor Ann Green-Reddit
Taylor Ann Green-Reddit

“If you go to her profile you can click on his from where she reposted his story on her story. I think he’s Tj’s roommate from southern hospitality. If you look at his highlights there are previous stories of them together I think this may be legit,” a Redditor wrote. Of course, others revealed that they believe everything Taylor does is to get Shep’s attention. This is a feeling they cannot shake. However, one was happy for her moving on and living her best life with someone new.

The Austen Effect

Though Taylor Ann Green looks content with her new beau, she still has a lot to deal with on the show. Shep may have cheated on her but he does not want her to be happy with anyone but him. The thought of her with Austen Kroll is a hard pill for him to swallow. Yet, Southern Charm newcomer, JT loves to stir the pot when it comes to the Taylor/Austen situation. Therefore, this will likely last for much of Season 9 sadly. Maybe fans will meet the new man sooner rather than later.

Are you happy that Taylor has moved on with someone who is seemingly not Austen? Do you feel it is genuine or for show? Let us know and watch Southern Charm Thursdays on Bravo.

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