‘Southern Charm’ Why Taylor Ann Green Pulled Cheating Card

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Why did Southern Charm star Taylor Ann Green pull the cheating card in the Season 9 premiere? She went after Craig Conover’s girlfriend, Paige DeSorbo but with no context. So, what was her reasoning behind it all? Read on for all of the details.

Southern Charm Why Taylor Ann Green Pulled Cheating Card

Taylor Ann Green is heartbroken over the fact that she and Shep Rose have broken up. This was a theme during the last part of the Season 9 Southern Charm premiere. The group had gathered at Madison LeCroy’s house to celebrate her recent nuptials. Yet, Taylor could not handle her ex and the idea that they were supposed to be together forever. Craig Conover was chatting with Taylor, who held bitterness because Shep was unfaithful. While Craig was trying to calm her down, she lashed right out. She alleged that Craig’s girlfriend, Paige DeSorbo had cheated, as well.

Paige DeSorbo-Instagram
Paige DeSorbo-Instagram

Paige was not in attendance to even defend herself. So, why did Taylor Ann Green even bring Craig and his girlfriend into her issues? According to E! News, the second episode explains all of this. Taylor takes time to look back on the situation which seemingly boiled down to Craig’s allegiance to Shep. Plus, Craig did say that he helped prevent Shep from going even further with someone which may have been the boiling point. Chatting with Leva Bonaparte, Taylor says: “What Craig said and how he said it was mean.”

Shep Rose, Taylor Ann Green-Instagram
Shep Rose, Taylor Ann Green-Instagram

She goes on to add: “And there is a rumor going around that Paige has been not faithful to Craig. I said it to be hurtful. You know when you see your ex your heart sinks? I think that the zero to a hundred with Craig was between me and Shep. It had nothing to do with Craig.” Privately, Taylor does express her remorse for the situation.”I genuinely regret saying what I said to Craig. It’s difficult seeing Shep and I wanted to be the big, bad b*tch in the room and ‘you don’t bother me,’ but I do care.”

Trying To Not Care

Taylor Ann Green also shares that she really wishes that she did not care about Shep and what had happened but she can’t help it. As for Craig, he appears to forgive what Taylor said about Paige. He knows the pain that she is feeling and knows that she lashed out based on emotions and nothing more. Furthermore, he did not believe the infidelity rumors and laughed them off.

Do you understand why Taylor said what she did? More so, do you think it is cool of Craig to let it go and understand why she reacted as she did? Let us know and watch Southern Charm Thursdays on Bravo.

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