‘Southern Charm’ Where Do Taylor & Olivia Currently Stand?

Taylor Ann Green, Olivia Flowers-YouTube

Where do Southern Charm stars Taylor Ann Green and Olivia Flowers currently stand? They had created a solid foundation and then it all blew up over Austen Kroll. So, were they able to move past it, or is Olivia still bitter toward her co-star and former friend? Read on for more details.

Southern Charm Where Do Taylor & Olivia Currently Stand?

Taylor Ann Green and Olivia Flowers built a solid foundation as single women. Green had parted ways with Shep Rose after two years when he had been unfaithful. At the same time, Flowers was done with Austen Kroll so they had a commonality. The girls created a bond but then it came out that Taylor and Austen had talked about taking their friendship further. More so, Taylor revealed to Olivia during a coffee date that she had talked to her family about starting something with Kroll. Additionally, he had done the same with Olivia crying after she left Taylor.

Olivia Flowers-Instagram
Olivia Flowers-Instagram

Taylor, for her part, called Austen for solace. So, where do the two Southern Charm beauties currently stand after their Austen fallout? According to Us Weekly, it was a common traumatic experience that helped reunite the two women. “With everything that’s transpired in the last few months, both of us having lost a sibling, everything’s just tabled right now,” Taylor started. She added: “I know we’re going to have to rehash it at [the] reunion or whatever, but we’ve been able to put all things aside and be there for each other as friends, and that’s really important for me.”

Taylor Ann Green-YouTube
Taylor Ann Green-YouTube

Taylor admitted that being part of the lost sibling club was awful so their coming together has been great. Her brother, Richard, 36, passed in June while Taylor’s brother, Connor, 32, passed in January. Admittedly, Taylor shared that Richard’s death does not seem real just yet. She can have great days and then break down for no reason. So, why did Taylor feel the need to have a one-on-one with Olivia over Austen? 

The Meeting

Taylor Ann Green shared that she felt the need to speak to her Southern Charm co-star in the way that she did for a specific reason. She feels that Olivia takes time to process things. Therefore, she wanted to tell her what had transpired and give her the proper time to process her feelings. As of now, a sneak peek shows that Taylor and Austen simply kissed and that is the extent of their romantic relationship. Whether or not that is completely true, fans may never know.

Are you happy that Olivia and Taylor have been able to lean on each other even if the circumstances are heartwrenching? Let us know and watch Southern Charm Thursdays on Bravo.

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