‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans’ Youngest Son Breaks Hearts In Recent Pic

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Teen Mom alum Jenelle Evans’ youngest son, Kaiser, is breaking hearts in a recent pic from the holiday. This has not been an easy year for the family by any means. So, what happened to make fans saddened by the nine-year-old? Read on for more details.

Teen Mom Jenelle Evans’ Youngest Son Breaks Hearts In Recent Pic

Jenelle Evans’ eldest son, Jace, 14, ran away for the third time in two months at the end of September. Not only that but he claimed that he had been assaulted by her husband, David Eason. He was put in custody of CPS and then sent to live with his grandmother, Barbara. Jenelle’s children as well as David’s teenage daughter allegedly had to speak to CPS. Apparently, Jenelle made it very hard for CPS to do their job as an arrest warrant was put out for David. However, Jenelle relished the fact that Jace ran away from Barbara’s house and was removed from that home, as well.

Jace, Jenelle Evans, Kaiser-Facebook
Jace, Jenelle Evans, Kaiser-Facebook

With the holidays here, Jenelle and her family went on as usual. She shared David’s stuffed turkey which he was shamed for last Thanksgiving. It was questioned by the photos Evans posted if Jace attended the holidays this year. However, she may have done some clever editing. Yet, one thing could not be ignored, per The Sun. Jenelle shared photos of her kids, Kaiser and Ensley. She shares Kaiser, 9, with her ex-fiance, Nathan Griffith. Eagle-eyed fans noticed he was donning a necklace with both his and Jace’s names on it.

Jenelle Evans-Instagram
Kaiser, Ensley-Instagram

Immediately, fans had theories about the necklace and where it came from:

  • I think this is the necklace Jenelle used to wear when she only had Jace and Kaiser. Ensley wasn’t born yet

However, seeing it on Kaiser made fans sad thinking he must miss his older brother, especially under the circumstances.

  • …Super sweet….if Kai chose to wear it of course. He may have, I can imagine he adores his big bro and is probably taking all this really hard.

Of course, others believed Jenelle Evans was using this necklace as a manipulation tactic.

Using Kaiser

It should have been a special day for the family but upon seeing Kaiser wearing Jenelle Evans’ necklace, followers had thoughts. Unfortunately, they were not the most positive and felt they were using Kaiser for their own gain.

  • That was nice of her to give to him to wear in a picture showing how happy they are
  • …lol they’re pulling out all tactics to prove they’re good, worthy parents.

At this point, it is unclear Jace’s whereabouts for Thanksgiving and that may be rough for Kaiser. Jace had just come back permanently to Jenelle’s custody earlier this year. Now, nothing is stable.

Why do you think the tot had the name necklace on? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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