‘On Patrol: Live’ Welcomes Coweta County Sheriff’s Office

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Exciting news for fans gearing up to enjoy new episodes of On Patrol: Live this weekend — Coweta County Sheriff’s Office is joining the series. Furthermore, the Georgia police department will be featured on the show starting tomorrow (November 24th).

The newest addition to OPNation did issue a statement on Facebook as they gear up to join the series. What did the sheriff’s office day? More importantly, how are fans feeling about this new addition? Keep reading for all the details.

Wilkes-Barre City Police Department Exits Series

As TV Shows Ace previously reported, the Wilkes-Barre City Police Department announced its exit from OPNation yesterday. Typically, when one police department exits the series it is only a period of time before another joins. Fortunately, Reelz took to Facebook just a few hours ago to welcome the Coweta County Sheriff’s Office out of Georgia to the series.

On Patrol: Live Welcomes Coweta County

Just 10 hours ago, the Coweta County Sheriff’s Office out of Georgia took to Facebook to announce it would be joining OPNation. Here’s the office’s official statement:

The Coweta County Sheriff’s Office will appear on the television documentary series On Patrol: Live, starting this Friday, November 24th. The show airs Friday and Saturday night from 9pm to 12am ET on REELZ and streams on Peacock.

Reelz took a screenshot of the statement and shared it on the network’s official Facebook page just a few hours ago. Locals poured into the comments of the sheriff’s office’s Facebook to celebrate Coweta County appearing on the series. Over on Reelz’s Facebook page, fans of OPNation shared their thoughts on Coweta County joining the series.

On Patrol Live Feature YouTube
On Patrol Live Feature YouTube

OPNation Fans React To The News

For starters, many fans of On Patrol: Live were just relieved to know that Thanksgiving weekend would not prevent new episodes from happening. One fan admitted they were positive the network would just air re-runs this weekend. Another fan noted they were thrilled to see some more East Coast representation.

On Patrol: Live Citizen Ride-Alongs Segment Explained [Reelz | YouTube]
[Reelz | YouTube]
Here’s what some other On Patrol: Live fans had to say about this new addition to the series:

  • “I’ve been waiting and wondering when Coweta would be on the show. Can’t wait!”
  • “Coweta County Sheriff’s Office (Georgia) is a wonderful agency. They have leaders and compassion. I hope I get to see this.”
  • “Thank goodness it’s another East coast department. Though I would love for everyone to coexist peacefully and not have a reason for law enforcement to exist, the service calls pick up as the evening progresses.”
  • “Yes!! That’s my neck of the woods! So excited”

Fans were also fairly vocal about what other departments they would like to see return to the series. This included several requests for Royce James and Volusia.

Coweta County Sheriff's Office (Georgia) - Facebook
Coweta County Sheriff’s Office (Georgia) – Facebook

Do you think Coweta County will be a good new addition to On Patrol: Live? Were you worried new episodes of the series wouldn’t air this week? Let us know in the comments. And, keep coming back for more news on your favorite TV shows.

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