‘On Patrol Live’ Not Working On Peacock For Viewers

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On Patrol Live fans who don’t have regular cable pay for Peacock for streaming to watch the show. Now, they are very upset tonight as it is not working for them. What is going on?

On Patrol Live Streaming Issues

The viewers of On Patrol Live are going to Twitter and expressing their issues. It turns out that the show isn’t there to watch on Saturday night like it should be. Some users said that none of the live channels on Peacock are working. Here is what some of them had to say:

  • what happened to LIVE on patrol, it disappeared last night and now is no longer available.i only pay for peacock for on patrol so no on patrol, no service! Ugh!

  • Unfortunately Peacock not working for second night in row
  • I had the issue, but logged out and logged back in. That seemed to work.
  • Came here to say this! Couldn’t get it to work last night either
  • not really understanding why, when I pay a lot of money for Peacock TV, that I can’t watch “on patrol livelive on the “channels“, the only show I watch on the entire app. We learned in IT along time ago that if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Lol
  • Peacock your app is trash. Every other app is working except yours 2 days in a row. Yes I have reset every d**n thing. OP live can you go to another channel please.

How To Fix On Patrol Live

One user said that they shut off their Peacock and restarted it and were able to watch the show On Patrol Live. Another way to watch it is to get the REELZ channel with cable instead of trying to watch it streaming. It should also be posted on Peacock to watch later on, but you won’t be watching it live that way.

There is some speculation that Amazon actually bought this and it won’t be airing live at all anymore. So far, there is no confirmation of that, though. Viewers are going to be really upset if watching On Patrol Live as it airs isn’t an option anymore on Peacock. This show has a huge following.

Are you having issues with Peacock and trying to stream On Patrol Live? Do you have a fix to make it work for you? Sound off in the comments below and let us know what is going on.

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