‘Teen Mom’ David Eason Attacks Pediatric Neurologist

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In a shocking new update, MTV’s Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans’ husband David Eason has attacked a pediatric neurologist. Leaving a scathing review of the mental health doctor’s practice, David accuses the neurologist of malpractice and abuse.

In this review, David Eason seemingly accuses the medical professional of tricking Jenelle’s son Jace into believing he has a mental health disorder. Moreover, David claims that Jace never needed mental health medication.

What exactly did David Eason say in this angry review? Furthermore, what are Teen Mom fans saying about it? Keep reading for the details.

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Teen Mom David Eason Attacks Pediatric Neurologist

Three weeks ago, David Eason left a Google review urging parents not to bring their children to Dr. Harnum. He claimed that she “brainwashes children” into believing they have mental issues.

Furthermore, he accused the doctor of lying about a diagnosis a child has to put them on medication. Medication he claims causes the child to develop other issues.

“Dr. Harnum has tried to make my children believe things that are not true and loves to take everything out of context and to the extreme! If she could give your kid a lobotomy im certain she would! The office will ignore any concersn that you have and will refuse to call you back or answer the phone when you have questions or concerns.”

Obviously, David Eason did not specify which child he was referring to. Teen Mom fans can only assume, however, that he is referring to Jenelle’s son Jace.

David’s review he left for a pediatric neurologist
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Teen Mom Fans Call Him A Hypocrite

Fans of Jenelle Evans and Teen Mom rip David Eason as a hypocrite for leaving this review. They point out that Jenelle and David have been blaming Jace’s mental health as the reason their family is having so many problems right now. His review, however, suggests David Eason doesn’t believe Jace even has a mental health issue.

Teen Mom fans on Reddit continue to point out that David seems fine with shaping the story to fit his narrative even if it contradicts something he said previously.

David Eason-Instagram
David [Source: Instagram]
Some fans question if he could get in trouble for leaving this type of review if it is proven to be untrue. Furthermore, fans are convinced the end of the review means David Eason harassed the poor people answering the phone at this facility to the point of them not answering his phone calls.

Are you surprised to see David Eason leave such a scathing review of this pediatric neurologist’s practice? Do you think he can get in trouble for making such claims if they are proven to be untrue? Share your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for more news and updates on Teen Mom.

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