Lifetime’s ‘Planes, Trains, And Christmas Trees’ Stars Kathryn Davis, Olivier Renaud

Used with LIfetime's permission

It’s A Wonderful Lifetime’s latest movie Planes, Trains, And Christmas Trees is ready to take you on a holiday road trip. Starring Kathryn Davis, and Oliver Renaud, play two travelers stuck at an airport who need to get to New York in time for Christmas. Will they get home in time?

Along the way, they find themselves putting together a holiday party and donning elf costumes. But, will they find that they have more in common than their canceled flight?

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Used with LIfetime's permission
Used with LIfetime’s permission

What Is Lifetime’s Planes, Trains, And Christmas Trees About?

Holiday travel can be hectic and you can get stuck at the airport. But, what if that other person heading in your direction is the perfect guy? Here is what Lifetime’s Planes, Trains, And Christmas Trees is all about. Here is The Futon Critic’s summary.

Event planner Kayley was just asked to do a last-minute event for a very influential customer. This is her dream job, so she is happy to get to the airport and plan out the Christmas party that will give her bigger name recognition. She has less than a week to get this party planned before the Christmas Eve event day.

Meanwhile, sports agent Brett is headed back as well. There is a very special reason he needs to get home for the holidays. The special reason is his young son. This single dad needs to be there during the holidays. This is why he works hard all year round.

However, Kayley and Brett’s flight is canceled. Worse yet, it doesn’t sound like there will be another flight for four more days. They cannot sit around! Kayley notices that there is a train station in a drivable distance. They could take the rails to get to the Big Apple.

Unfortunately, they too are suffering in the snowstorm. But, they are not giving up. Brett has an uncle who lives nearby. He owns an establishment where the two could stay and they can regroup and slowly start to head back.

Once they arrive at Redwood, Ohio, the two find themselves planning a holiday event and spending more time together. Kayley starts to realize that there are other things in life than this big party. But, is Brett ready to give his heart again? Maybe some Christmas magic will bring these two together?

Used with LIfetime's permission
Used with LIfetime’s permission

When Is The Premiere Of Planes, Trains, And Christmas Trees?

The premiere of Planes, Trains, And Christmas Tree is on Sunday, November 19, at 8 p.m., Eastern, on Lifetime. On the next day, this Christmas movie will be available to stream via the website.

Used with LIfetime's permission
Used with LIfetime’s permission

Christmas movie fans, do you love a road trip holiday movie?

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