‘The Family Chantel’ Pedro Jimeno Reveals First Date Amid Split

Pedro Jimeno prepares to move on to life without Chantel Everett as he secures himself his first date since the couple’s breakup.

Sometimes when couples drift apart, they are able to put aside their differences and split amicably. For Pedro Jimeno and Chantel Everett, their split appears to be anything but amicable. The 90 Day Fiance alumni seem to only be starting to scratch the surface of their hotly contested divorce.

Despite announcing their divorce in May of 2022, there has not been any confirmation that it has been finalized. In a TLC press release ahead of Season 5’s debut, the show was described as taking a wildly different turn than in previous seasons. “As their divorce inches closer to the finish line, accusations and old resentments make any kind of agreement no easy feat. Decisions such as selling the house, and who gets what possession, are almost impossible between the two. While both believe they are on the right side of this divorce, each family is intensely feuding as they fight to defend their own.”

A Relationship Beyond Repair

While Pedro and Chantel pick up the pieces from their failed marriage, the extent of their animosity towards each other is finally coming to light. Recently, it was revealed that Chantel made some questionable financial decisions in regard to her joint bank account with Pedro.

“Chantel stole all the money from the joint bank account. I went this morning to try to get little things for my apartment and when they tried to swipe the card, the card said ‘Declined.’ I noticed that she swiped out everything, $265,000,” Pedro revealed in the Season 5 premiere of The Family Chantel.

Chantel claimed that she had only taken the money in order to pay for the divorce and other various bills. Eventually, she returned the remainder of the money, but not before enjoying a relaxing beach vacation.

Preparing For A First Date

As the couple work towards finalizing their divorce, they have each signaled that they have already moved on. Since they first announced their divorce last year, Chantel has drawn countless dating rumors. Perhaps the juiciest rumor was that she had allegedly become close with Drake. In response to his ex mingling with a famous rapper, Pedro appears to not be too worried. “I hear the rumor that Drake slipped into Chantel’s DM. Go with Drake, the famous rapper, you know? Go with him,” Pedro said.

Not to be outdone, Pedro has his eye on his own flourishing relationship. Earlier this month, it was rumored that Pedro was already in a new relationship. But now we know who that rumored new love interest is. In an upcoming episode, Pedro goes on a date with a woman named Nallely. The fact that he is going on dates is not surprising. What is surprising is how similar Nallely looks to Chantel.

A comparison of Chantel and Nallely on 'The Family Chantel' | Courtesy of TLC
A comparison of Chantel and Nallely on ‘The Family Chantel’ | Courtesy of TLC

After seeing a side-by-side comparison of the two women, Pedro admits that he was a bit shocked. “The first moment that Nallely walk in the room, I saw Chantel in her face, like no. Are you kidding me? That look the same like Chantel. But a little bit more skinny, a little more tall. That s*** is crazy.”

What do you think? Is Pedro trying to date someone who looks like Chantel on purpose?

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