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Pedro Jimeno Reacts To Drake & Chantel Dating Rumors?

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Pedro Jimeno reacted to the Drake and Chantel dating rumors. This comes just days after they first originated. See what he has to say and find out how they originated.

Is Chantel Everett really dating Drake?

There have been rumors that Chantel Everett is dating rapper Drake. The news has had 90 Day Fiance fans buzzing for the past few days. As fans already know, Pedro Jimeno and Chantel are going through marital problems in the latest season of The Family Chantel.

Fans are wondering if there is any truth to the divorce rumors. Some even wonder if the couple is faking their problems for the sake of the show. Earlier this week, rumors claim that Chantel has moved on with a new man. Per Media Take Out, Drake slid into the DMs of the TLC star.

Chantel's Marital Problems With Pedro [TLC | YouTube]
[TLC | YouTube]
This comes after the news that she was divorcing Pedro Jimeno. Chantel and Drake are reportedly communicating on social media. Chantel and Drake are currently not dating, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened yet. The new couple has plans to go on a date eventually.

The reality star told the “Hot Line Bling” rapper that she’s not interested in dating at this time. However, this may stroke Chantel’s ego that someone famous wants to date her. Fans shouldn’t rule out the dating rumors anytime soon. It’s a matter of time before the two meet up and see where their connection goes.

Breaks her silence on divorce rumors

In the meantime, Chantel broke her silence on the divorce rumors. Her marriage with Pedro Jimeno has been filled with extreme highs and lows. Chantel was hoping they would’ve had kids by now. She accused him of cheating on her while Pedro called her a lazy wife.

Pedro Jimeno Confessional [TLC | YouTube]
[TLC | YouTube]
Chantel responded to the rumors in a Q&A session on her Instagram Stories. One fan asked her how she’s been doing these days. They wanted to know the “real deal.” She admitted that she’s going through the motions lately.

“I feel very grateful for the supportive women in my life and the ones who have been sending me messages of encouragement. Thank you, sisters.”

What does Pedro Jimeno think?

Pedro Jimeno took to his Instagram Story to sound off on the dating rumors. He shared his thoughts loudly in a cryptic post. The Dominican showed that he’s been listening to Drake’s music lately.

Pedro wrote: “Good Luck With” while adding the song “HYFR (Hell F***ing Ya Right).”

Pedro Jimeno's Cryptic Post [Pedro Jimeno | Instagram Stories]
[Pedro Jimeno | Instagram Stories]
It was clearly a message for his estranged wife. Pedro was sarcastically wishing Chantel “Good Luck” in her new relationship. He hasn’t said anything since.

What are your thoughts on Pedro’s latest Instagram Story? Do you believe the rumors that Drake and Chantel are dating? Do you think it’ll happen? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. She can do much better & deserves so much better than Pedro. He treated her badly, then wanted to whine and complain when she started standing up for herself. Lowlife.

    1. Chantel, Right now Chantel ALL YOU NEED is GIRL Power (MOMMIE AND SISSIE)THEY WILL steer you RIGHT when you’ve been Done Dirty!!! It looks like that guy in the DR WAS right when he told you W A Y back in season one that that dirtbag money hungry I WANT TO COME TO AMERICA mother OF Pedro’s set you up and planned this ALL ALONG!!! YOU DID marry for all the right reasons. HOWEVER – you can not be successful in a marriage that never was a marriage. Baby Girl, YOU put ALL the LOVE-TIME-MONEY-DREAMS-COMMITMENT-TRUE SELF AND SOUL into a one sided relationship. ONLY YOU CAN WALK AWAY WITH YOUR HEAD HELD HIGH!!! Women will look at Pedro as SCUM!!! He’s a LOW LIFE DIRTBAG LIKE HIS MOTHER FOR GODS SAKE!!! Not even worth mentioning that sister, she’s WHINY AND IRRELEVANT!!! They are WALMART DUMPSTER TRASH. . . BEST TO MOVE ON AND DREAM OF YOUR REBOUND MAN DRAKE ♥️ Best of luck with prayers

      1. Hey wait a min. Shelie I like Walmart I do my grocery shopping there. Just because we don’t go to name stores too do grocery shopping doesn’t make us a low life. I like name brands just as much as the next person but I’m not stupid when it comes to spending money. Just wanted to let you know

  2. Chantel girl I love you Pedro don’t know what he just walked away from you was a good wife and your beautiful hold your head up girlfriend❤️

    1. Pedro is a looser. He treated you so bad and all you did is try. His loss. He probably was cheating on you for over a year. He is a good game player. I say move on with yourself. You are a beautiful woman that deserves a man who can see what he has.

  3. PEDRO WHAT A FOOL WEAK MAN YOU ARE. I would like to know if you are happy where you are. Chantel is a star amoung stars. They is a klass dignity . And style. You lost papa.

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