Is Hallmark Making Another ‘Wedding Veil’ Movie Or Trilogy?

Hallmark Wedding Veil - Instagram

Hallmark fans love The Wedding Veil trilogies. These two trilogies star the dream team of Lacey Chabert, Alison Sweeney, and Autumn Reeser. Loosely based on the Lori Wilde novels, they portray best pals Avery, Tracy, and Emma.

Moreover, there are three Hallmark hunks to boot. That includes Kevin McGarry affecting a Boston accent, Victor Webster, and Italian actor Paolo Bernardini, as Peter, Nick, and Paolo.

The first trilogy focused on the mystery of a magical wedding veil and a mysterious painting. The second trilogy revisited all three college friends as they navigate their new lives.

Does the network plan on making more Wedding Veil movies? Could there be one in the near future? Here is the latest information on this popular trilogy.

Hallmark Wedding Veil - Instagram
Hallmark Wedding Veil – Instagram

Does Hallmark Plan To Make More Wedding Veil Movies?

Hallmark has been all over the news. Their cable ratings are fantastic, despite many people cutting the cord. This is an anomaly in the television business and Vulture spoke to the network’s EVP of Programming, Lisa Hamilton Daly about its brand.

One question that was asked was about the two Wedding Veil trilogies. The publication asked Daly if they ever considered taking one of the popular franchises like the Wedding Veil movies and “setting one of the films in the franchise during the holidays,” such as A Wedding Veil Christmas.

Lisa Hamilton Daly admitted “We haven’t actually spoken about that.” But, she did reveal that “We’ve talked about possibly revisiting them for another trilogy or a final movie.”

However, she seemed keen on the idea of making A Wedding Veil Christmas. Moreover, they are talking about making more. Therefore, fans of the trilogy have a lot of hope that there will be one to three more movies.

Hallmark Wedding Veil - Instagram
Hallmark Wedding Veil – Instagram

Wedding Veil Movies Top Viewed Non-Christmas Movies

When Hallmark released the first Wedding Veil trilogy, they broke viewing records. In addition, this year’s trilogy also impressed with phenomenal ratings beating out the previous year’s titles.

Hallmark Filmed Wedding Veil Movies In Italy And Greece

One of the reason each of the two Wedding Veil trilogies were so popular was because they filmed one movie in Italy, and another was filmed on the island of Rhodes, in Greece.

Where could Lacey Chabert, Alison Sweeney, and Autumn Reeser wind up next? Hallmark loves to go to Paris, and if they should make a Christmas-themed trilogy, a French market would certainly be popular with fans.

Hallmark Wedding Veil - Instagram
Hallmark Wedding Veil – Instagram

This year’s A Heidelberg Holiday and Joyeux Noel both took place at markets. The idea of the trio uncovering another mysterious find at a market would be a lot of fun.

However they decide to make these movies, a Christmas trilogy would be unique and it would be popular.

Hallmark Wedding Veil - Instagram
Hallmark Wedding Veil – Instagram

Hallmark fans, would you like to see more Wedding Veil movies? Would you like to see a Wedding Veil Countdown To Christmas movie, or trilogy? Share your opinion in the comments below.

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  1. Yes, I would be interested in more Wedding Veil movies, specifically a storyline with Tracy, Nick and Leo. Do they adopt Leo? What are the challenges and successes with the adoption process and bonding as a family? Leo is an older adoptee which usually means it would take longer for him to bond. In the adoption world, there is a saying that “blood is thicker than water, but love is thicker than blood.” Take that into account when developing the plot.

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