Photo: Kevin McGarry Credit: ©2022 Hallmark Media/Photographer: Sven Boecker

Why ‘WCTH’s’ Kevin McGarry Needed A Boston Accent For ‘Wedding Veil’ Movies

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Hearties who tuned into the first movie of the original Hallmark Wedding Veil trilogy may wonder why their favorite Mountie, Kevin McGarry, who portrays Nathan Grant in When Calls The Heart, speaks with a Boston accent.

It turns out, this is more than an acting choice. His character Peter needed these small details.

Moreover, Kevin McGarry had a lot to say about this accent.

Photo: Kevin McGarryCredit: ©2022 Hallmark Media/Photographer: Allister Foster
Photo: Kevin McGarry
Credit: ©2022 Hallmark Media/Photographer: Allister Foster

Why Does Kevin McGarry Need Boston Accent In The Wedding Veil Movies?

One of the big talking points about Hallmark’s Wedding Veil movies is Kevin McGarry’s thick Boston accent. Turns out, he did it to show something important about this character Peter Hastings.

Speaking to Suspenders Unbuttoned Podcast, the Kevin McGarry fan group, in an episode entitled “Petah’s Here! Kevin McGarry Talks The Wedding Veil Expectations!,” the WCTH star revealed why he does this particular accent.

First, he laughed and admitted that this accent is quite noticeable. “I know it’s a jarring accent. You’re like, ‘Woah!’ And to do it so strong too.”

However, he revealed that this accent revealed more about his character and the sort of life he lived before he met his love Avery (Lacey Chabert). “It’s who he is now. We never really get to see his upbringing.”

That sort of accent conjures up summers in Martha’s Vineyard, Brown University, and an old-money, Kennedyesque upbringing.

Hallmark’s Kevin McGarry Discusses Nuances Of His Boston Accent

Hallmark movie podcasters will often comment on accents, and Kevin McGarry seemed aware of some of the talk about his Boston accent. He admitted that when he was nervous, his accent would be more pronounced.

However, he did joke about actors doing accents in general. “They say once they get maybe a few drinks in them, that’s when it slowly kind of creeps out, any kind of accent.”

Of course, there was no time for drinking during the filming of The Wedding Veil Expectations. Kevin was filming both this Hallmark movie and When Calls The Heart at the same time.

But, what made this complicated was that the first movie in the sequel trilogy was filmed in Victoria, BC, and WCTH in Vancouver. He had to fly an hour each way to the different filming locations for about 16 days. That insane schedule likely included a lot of caffeine.

What Did The Wedding Veil Expectations Director Think Of Bostonian accent?

Aurora Teagarden actor Peter Benson has been directing a lot of movies for Hallmark of late, and The Wedding Veil Expectations was his most recent directorial work. Speaking in his own interview with Suspenders Unbuttoned Podcast, he shared his opinion of Kevin McGarry’s Boston accent.

First, he complimented McGarry for going for it. He revealed that when he watched the first movie in the original trilogy, he thought to himself, “I like this guy because he went for it, he took a risk.” Next, the Hallmark veteran continued to compliment McGarry, “People don’t do that a lot. I personally thought it was great.”

Don’t miss the next movie in the sequel trilogy, The Wedding Veil Inspiration. This premieres on Saturday, January 14, at 8 p.m., Eastern, on the Hallmark Channel.

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