‘Teen Mom’ Fans Sick Of Lies, Expose Truth About Kailyn Lowry’s Twins’ Birth

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Teen Mom fans are sick of Kailyn Lowry’s lies and are now exposing the truth about her twins’ birth. It seems that her followers have been paying close attention to her. Now, they are seeing things that just are not adding up and drawing attention to the inconsistencies. Read on for more details.

Teen Mom Fans Sick Of Lies, Expose Truth About Kailyn Lowry’s Twins’ Birth

Kailyn Lowry apparently already gave birth to her twins, a boy, and a girl, with her boyfriend Elijah Scott. This is her second pregnancy with Scott as they secretly welcomed a son, Rio, at the end of 2022. However, fans pretty much knew that they had a baby but were just waiting for the big announcement. That happened a short time ago and then she followed it up with the confirmation she was pregnant again. This was pretty obvious based on the bump photos taken of her leaving her podcast studio.

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It was then revealed that she had given birth to a girl and a boy at the end of October. Yet, she is still posting social media videos as if she is still in her pregnancy. Now, Teen Mom fans are calling her out for this and started a Reddit thread to address it. The OP asked this:

  • Why is Kail acting like these babies haven’t been born yet. Everyone and their momma knows they were born Oct 30th and we basically know their names already! Why won’t she stop with the dumb games!

There are a handful of reasons as to why Kailyn may be doing this but what did fellow Redditors have to say about it?

  • She is painfully immature. This is how we all know that hiding #5 wasn’t about privacy.
  • Because she is desperate for money and attention.
  • Are y’all falling for this? The kids are named already, this is merely engagement and buildup.
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A few things were brought up, as well. Some believe that Kailyn Lowry’s ex and the father of Lux and Creed, Chris Lopez, is the leak. Yet, at the same time, there was also repeated talk about making money through all of the content she puts out.

Making Money, Honey

When Kailyn Lowry did her three-part gender reveal, fans flocked to it. Then, she did a follow-up to explain why she had to do so many parts. Of course, followers had to watch it to get the full story. These videos have over 400K views so all of that equals more money. Some were also wondering why, if her twins were already home, she was asking for baby name suggestions. One suggested that maybe she was waiting to name her babies or she could still be trying to throw fans off. This could also be why she is posting older content so that it looks like she has not had the babies so she can enjoy the first few moments in peace.

Do you think Kailyn is intentionally lying, trying to make money, enjoying her privacy, or something else? Let us know in the comments below.

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