Kailyn Lowry Gives First Look At Rio: See Photo

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Despite being a year old, fans of MTV’s Teen Mom have not actually seen a very good clear photo of Kailyn Lowry’s son Rio. During a Q&A session on Kailyn’s Instagram over the weekend, she did share a few snaps of her son while answering some questions. One photo was a fairly clear shot that gave Teen Mom fans their first real look at him.

Interested in seeing the photos of Rio? Plus, does Kailyn plan to share more photos of him? Keep reading for the details. And, scroll down to check out the photo.

Kailyn Lowry Gives First Look At Rio: See Photo

In one question, Kailyn included a photo of Rio’s curly hair and one of his ears. The fan asked if she plans to share any more photos of Rio. Kailyn Lowry admitted she was still deciding if she wanted to put him on her social media accounts.

She added she really loves all the privacy he has had. Furthermore, her son Isaac actually encouraged her to keep him on social media until he was old enough to understand. Then, Rio can decide if he wants his face on the Internet.

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Kailyn Lowry, however, added that she wants to do a family photo. So, she thinks that might be when fans could expect to see a photo of Rio.

Immediately following this answer, Kailyn shared a pretty full and clear photo of Rio. The photo featured Rio being held by his father. It was a side profile shot, but it did capture some of Rio’s face. Fans thought it was a bit strange to immediately follow saying she liked his privacy with this photo. They, however, were happy to get to see Rio.

The photo was included with a question of which parent he looked more like. Kailyn said Rio did have some faces and mannerisms that looked like his father Elijah. She, however, doesn’t think he really looks like either parent right now. “He just looks like himself.” She explained.

Kailyn Lowry - Instagram Stories
Kailyn Lowry – Instagram Stories

When Did She Have Rio?

It wasn’t until September of this year that Kailyn Lowry confirmed she had given birth to a 5th child. She, however, actually welcomed Rio into the world back in November of last year. Shortly after revealing Rio, Kailyn also confirmed she was pregnant with twins.

Kailyn Lowry - Instagram Stories
Kailyn Lowry – Instagram Stories

The MTV star is supposed to reveal the gender of her twins today. Fans, however, suspect at least one of the twins is the girl Kailyn has been waiting for. Likewise, many fans believe Kailyn Lowry has already given birth to these twins as well.

Do you think Kailyn Lowry will keep Rio off the Internet? Or, will fans see more photos of him? Share your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for more Teen Mom news.


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