Jax Taylor Praises Tom Sandoval Amid ‘Pump Rules’ Filming

Jax Taylor, Tom Sandoval-YouTube

Jax Taylor is praising Tom Sandoval amid Season 11 Vanderpump Rules filming. Yes, the two former besties are back together after a broken friendship. Yet, it seems that things are back to the way they used to be, according to Taylor. How so? Read on for more details.

Jax Taylor Praises Tom Sandoval Amid Pump Rules Filming

During Jax Taylor’s final season on Pump Rules, he and Tom Sandoval came to blows more than once. It was the summer of Jax and Brittany Cartwright’s wedding. Therefore, Jax believed that it was all about him and his needs. A lot happened leading up to the nuptials but in the end, they all came together for the memories and to celebrate. After Jax and Brittany left when Season 8 ended, his relationship with Sandoval all but ended. More so, it appeared that Jax did not care until ‘Scandoval’ happened. He was more than willing to spill the tea and capitalize on that.

Jax Taylor-YouTube
Jax Taylor-YouTube

Over time, he did reach out to Sandoval and let him know that he was there for him. Whether or not this was a new Jax or a publicity stunt, no one will know. Yet, it was good to see the old crew back together. It appeared Jax had seen a better side to Sandoval and now, he is further backing that up. According to Us Weekly, the two filmed a scene for the upcoming Pump Rules season. It actually really went surprisingly well.

“I do film a scene with Sandoval. It’s actually a very intense scene. It’s not just with Sandoval either, it’s with a couple of the other guys. It takes place in a pretty iconic spot and there were so many people there watching this scene too.”

Tom Sandoval-YouTube
Tom Sandoval-YouTube

Jax Taylor also added that he caught up with Tom Sandoval at BravoCon where Taylor, Cartwright, and fellow alum, Kristen Doute made an appearance. He shared the details on his podcast, When Reality Hits, which he does with his wife. Jax admitted that they did catch up while both in Vegas and it was a good time. He also noted: “I feel like enough time has gone by to where we can kind of put this to bed.”

‘Life-Changing’ Experiences

While they were together, Jax Taylor shared that she and Tom Sandoval chatted for about two hours. He knows what Sandoval dealt with was “life-changing.” Therefore, Jax maintains that he just wanted to do a check-in and make sure his old friend was handling things well. Sandoval caught a lot of heat at BravoCon and was even booed at times. However, he had co-star Lala Kent come to his defense simply for being brave enough to keep on going with his life.

Are you looking forward to seeing what goes down between Jax and Sandoval? Moreover, do you think this friendship can be rebuilt? Let us know and watch Vanderpump Rules when it returns in January 2024.

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