Jax Taylor Tells Sandoval ‘Don’t You Ever F****** Text My Wife Again’

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Jax Taylor and Tom Sandoval used to be friends, but Jax is making it clear he is Team Ariana. He recently texted Sandoval and said, “Don’t you ever f****** text my wife again.” Jax recently told the story and he sounded very triggered that Tom reached out.

Sandoval Reached Out To Brittany Cartwright

Tom Sandoval recently reached out to Brittany Cartwright to try and promote his band Tom Sandoval & The Most Extras. Tom has been touring with his band and that seems to be his main focus right now. Brittany shared on her podcast When Reality Hits With Jax And Brittany that the last time she had talked to Tom before he texted her was several years ago when she wished him a “Happy Birthday” and he never responded to her.

Hollywood Life shared that Jax was recently on Claudia Oshry‘s podcast, The Toast. While on this podcast, he explained about Tom Sandoval texting Brittany.

“His band was performing in Louisville. He texted Brittany … ‘Hey, if you have any friends in Louisville, [I would] love to see you. Come [see] my band. I’ll get you free passes. I looked at the phone. I go … ‘Are you f****** serious?’”

Brittany lives in LA now with Jax, but she is from Kentucky.  It sounds like he was performing in an area near her hometown.

Jax Taylor Texts Tom Sandoval

Jax was really unhappy about this text that Tom sent his wife this text recently. So much so that he reached out to him via text and told him to never text Brittany again. They are friends with Ariana Madix and after what Tom did to her they don’t want anything to do with him. Jax shared saying, “I went on my phone, and I go, ‘Don’t you ever f****** text my wife again. How dare you. How selfish and tone-deaf are you? You do realize Brittany is friends with all these girls? What do you think she’s going to do?’”

Jax has made it clear that he isn’t a Sandoval fan and it sounds like texting his wife to promote his band just took it a little too far.

Are you shocked to hear that Jax doesn’t want anything to do with Tom Sandoval? Sound off in the comments below and don’t miss Vanderpump Rules on Wednesdays on Bravo.

Mandy Robinson

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  1. Okay Jax simmer down. I 100% agree that Sandoval is a scumbag, but don’t go all out. You for one, just like James, Scheana and Lala have NO ROOM to talk about cheating. I don’t care how long it has been since any of you have done so. But it irked me that Ariana, Lala and James acted like wild, vile animals on the reunion, where they could have shown class and kicked it to Tom and Raquel much more. Plus…I don’t want to excuse Raquel, but I think, and hope she is really getting help. She was just out of college, got into a relationship with Jame who was verbally abusive, an alcoholic, cheated on her at every left and right turn. Then she gets out of that and here comes a 40 year old man, she is 28, who tells her anything she needs to hear to be accepted and feel love. I am not dumb. I know 28 isn’t so young that you are oblivious, but she was obviously sheltered and when your first relationship out in the real world is with James who is a disgusting POS, you have warped ideas of what love and acceptible behavior is.

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